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Screwed Up Metabolism, My New Diet


So i am 17, 5'9 (176 cm) and 153 pounds (69 kgs).
I workout (lift weights) 3-4 times a week but during the day I am mostly sedentary.

I just finished loosing A LOT of weight (66 pounds - 30 kgs) on a very low calorie diet and I completely screwed my metabolism up.
I think that my maintenance calories dropped to 2000-2100 (if not lower) and i have been eating this way for over a year.

Anyway, lately I have been trying to increase my total calories in order to get my metabolism going again.
Here is how i eat:

11:00 -- 400 cal Protein +Carbs
13:30 -- 250 cal (Post workout) 25g protein 40 g simple carbs
15:00 -- 400 cal Protein +Carbs
17:00 -- 400 cal Protein +Carbs
19:00 -- 400 cal Protein +Fat
21:00 -- 300 cal Protein +Fat

before bed 250 cal Protein +Fat

It's a total of 2400 and probably around 300-400 kcals more than my current maintenance but still 200 below my suggested maintenance (2600).

I was told that if i eat this way, I will restart my metabolism and it will allow me to quit the plateau i am in. Do you guys think that If I do eat like this for a while, I will put on too much fat?
This would suck big time because my goal is to currently get rid of a tiny layer of fat that is hiding my abs.


I would increase the protein in the post workout meal/shake. The "before bed" 250 cal P+F meal is, in my opinion, useless. You want to be burning fat through the night, and if you're body is busy burning the fat you just ate, then it's wasted time. So just have some protein from a lean protein source/shake.

Seems mostly fine to me, but I'm probably the last person to turn to when it comes to nutrition.

What are your goals here? You sound like you're just trying to get your abs to show, with no muscle, in which case you're on the wrong website.

Edit: There are also tons of things you can do to boost your metabolism. No doubt there is an article all about it.


I WANT muscle. As a rugby player I want overall muscle, but I also want an overall good looking body. I find my body not attractive If i have a big torso but non-existing abs.
The problem with me is:

I lift hard and then go home and eat well. Healthy and perfectly planned out for optimum growth. But I only seem so see the layer of fat in my gut growing while there isn't significant growth anywhere else.
The training I do was approved by people in other posts. So i am guessing there is something wrong with the diet.


It doesn't take long to kick start your metabolism. Making a list of cal/pro/carbs doesn't inform anybody about what it is you're eating. If you lifting hard and eating correctly you will see results therefore if you are only getting fatter you are lacking in some area. If you drink most of your meals that will screw with your metabolism.


I only eat high GI carbs after my workout.
Other than that I eat oatmeal most and A LOT of lean chicken meat.

By drinking meals you mean like protein shakes and all?


Yes, sometimes called "meal replacments" They are a stupid idea for long term weightloss.
Eating low carb with your chicken every 3 hrs will fire up your metabolism and lose body fat in no time.You will get to the point where you'll want to eat again at 2 hrs.


If you've reduced your metabolism by eating low calories for a YEAR, it's going to take some time to fix it.

You should NOT, I repeat NOT, try to lose any more fat if your maintenance is already so low. You WILL lose a lot of LBM in the process of stripping that small layer of fat off your abs, your maintenance will then be 1500 cals/day, and your body will be absolutely determined to get your weight back up, with priority being to restore body fat. Then what?


then what should i do?
Just start eating at the suggested maintenance? It's like 2600 for me


Well, you said that you only work out 3-4 days a week. Then for the rest of the day you are sedentary. I would say that that is your problem. Actually do something during the day. If you are wanting to lose, try some HIIT on your off days. Keep the meal plan, just freakin' do something during the day.


Hi Aprentice, you situation seems very familiar to mine, I lost a load of weight, 60ish pounds and now that i play rugby i am trying to increase my lean muscle mass because i lost alot of muscle on my diet because i didn't know then what i know now lol.

If you are trying to gain muscle for rugby then in my opinion you will need to up your intake especially on your lifting days. Personally i lift weights 3 times a week and do normal rugby training twice a week and try to go for a run at the weekend. and so far it seems to be working although only been going for 1.5 months. so as above if you can try to do more on your off days, you should be able to increase your intake safely without gaining fat.

Good luck chap!


Thanks for the tips mate!
How low in calories did you go while dieting? Did your maintenance level of cals decrease significantly?

How manyc als do you consume now?


while dieting i was on 5-600 cals per day and unfortunately i have no idea what my maintenance cals were before that. i assume it decreased majorly because after i came off the diet it was really easy for me to put the fat back on.

Currently im on about 1800 - 2400 a day while lifting 3 times a week and rugby training twice a week.