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Screwed Up Cycle, Need Some Advice

My cycle got cut short - I was running a basic 400mg test c with 50mg winstrol. My plan was to pct with clomid and nolva and hcg but my guy fell through. Used him in the past and he was good but didn’t get my pct before starting - I know, big mistake. First time I didn’t have everything before hand.


I’m 3 weeks in and without any proper PCT on hand it’s prob best I just cut it off before I do even more damage. Can anyone recommend any OTC stuff to take that may help with pct considering I lose my proper pct. Don’t really care about losing cycle gains, very little made on three weeks anyway, just trying to return to somewhat normal function.

Idea number one : continue cycle and just get some stuff on the go… if you cant get pct stuff, just go for longer cycle. I dont really know how hard it is to get stuff for you tho.
Idea number two : pct is garbage if you want to achieve something, so maybe just do your cycle and then cruise and just get more test. Anyways, its much better than gaining now, PCT and then lose 90% of what you gained just to get back on later.

But if you still want to come off i can be of no help, as i never came off nor i ever wanted to, nor i ever plan to. I just dont see the point. (This is just my personal opinion, not pushing it on anyone, do whatever you believe in).

I’m certainly not an expert but if I were you I would continue the cycle while working on finding PCT. 3 weeks in your natural testosterone is probably completely shut down so I dont think it would be any more shut down if you did the full cycle. Basically from what I understand the “damage” is already done in terms of shutting down testosterone production. You can find pct with some researching online (relatively new to this forum so I doubt I can say much more than that).

Again- not an expert, just general knowledge of AAS and basic endocrine system stuff

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I am going to side with the others on here: if you were planning on a 10+ week cycle you may want to continue as you’ll have 10 weeks (7 cycle weeks plus the 3 week bridge) until you take need the PCT drugs. You should have little problems finding Nolva in that time since you can order it online from either a gear dealer or a research chem site.


Where do you live? Because PCT meds are pretty cheap and plentiful in most parts of the world. If you’re in the US domestic labs can get you nolva and/or Clomid within a few days. If you’re in the EU there are about a dozen vendors out of Turkey and India that can get stuff to you within two weeks.

It is great to have choices and I appreciate that.
I had done numerous cycles before I had heard of Nolvadex, Clomid, or HCG. I did my first cycle in the late 1960’s.

I agree with Veteq. You’ve started… press forward. Get the results from the AAS’s that you’re planning to get. In the coming weeks maybe you can acquire some PCT… maybe you can’t.

Thanks guys for the replys. I do appreciate it.

If I was to finish the cycle and use an AI for 2 months would that drop the E2 spikes while my body trys to normalize if worst case happens and I can’t get a hold of nolva. I live in a small town and it can be hard to get stuff from europe here.

That would be disastrous. An AI is not meant to be a PCT drug.

Yeah, thought that might be the case. I knew the Aromasin wouldn’t help bring my levels back as it’s not the job of it like a nolva or a clomid but curious if it would help the spikes. Your right though. Still gonna try get my hands on some proper pct and if not, I guess my body gonna have to learn how to come back on its own.

What spikes? If you’re in PCT your test level should be gradually coming back up; e2 won’t be spiking

I meant the E2 being so high and the T crashing, sorry worded it wrong.

Would switching to SARMs at this point be of any use and then use a SERM as a pct work?

Kinda like taking an oral AAS to bridge the cycle into the PCT. don’t see why not

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Pct drugs are sold over the counter in a lot of counties, just buy online from one of them and they will ship it to you.