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Screwed up bulking phase

I was planning on finishing up my bulking phase with 2 weeks on mag-10,but I went way overboard with the forced feeding and gained a significant amount of fat in my first few days. I’ve decided to stop my bulking phase, but now I have all this mag-10 left. So here’s my question, I was planning on doing the fat fast after I mantained for a few weeks, can I use the mag-10 for this? More specifically, if I use a small dose will I be able to stretch out the cycle. I was thinking 2 ml a day until I end the fat fast (either when the bottle is empty or I am lean enough). Responses would be greatly appreciated. Ernesto

You can’t gain a significant amount of fat in a matter of days. That’s water retention. Decrease carbs and watch the bloat go down.


I agree with the previous post. It is not fat. If you added a significant amount of carbs to your diet, you are holding water. Back off on the carbs and watch your weight drop back down quickly.