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Screwed One Quad Shot

Hi guys, i know this is not the usual legit first post and i registered for this new account just to post this…

so what happened is i did a right quad shot last tuesday, and i think i was either stupid or stupid, but i pinned close to the centre of my quad instead of the outer quad. this is not my first cycle nor my first quad shot… i think what was going through my mind at that point of time was that i wanted to avoid scar tissue buildup near the outer quad LOL and i stupidly injected close to the centre of my right quad.

the next day, leg was a little sore but nothing really happened yet. The third day when i woke, i was in agony and could hardly bend my knee at all as it was really swollen. It was hot to the touch and i was running a temperature as well. i tried my best to use hot water to massage the area and it felt better after awhile, popped two paracetemol and went on with my day. It didnt really get much better lol.

This fever lasted all the way till sunday, and the knee looked 1.5times bigger than my left knee, and i couldnt see my kneecap at all. What i gathered at this point in time was that the oil obviously did not enter my quad muscle and accumulated at my knee causing the swell.

Fast foward to today, ive not been taking any painkillers of any sorts to try and gauge how my body was reacting and if a visit to the ER was necessary… the fever subsided on sunday and the swelling has slowly gone down… So if im right, it was probably not an infection? however herein lies the issue, the knee is still probably 1.2 times bigger than usual, and i can feel its still swollen. Will this swelling go down altogether on its own? If so, how long will this process usually take?

Thanks in advance guys!

Hard to say. Fever is not the best sign but at least it’s going away.

I would surmise you may have put more oil than could be comfortably held by whatever part of the quad you stuck it in.

The only time I have had localized swelling that was red and hot to the touch was the first time I shot into my delt into which I put 2+ ccs of prop. It was agonizing.