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Screwed Myself up Real Good this Time...Help Needed

I took all my law enforcement tests yesterday. Passed everything, it was pretty basic.

On the obstacle course, I had to jump a 6ft wall. After hoisting myself over the wall, I guess I held my arm on the wall on the way down. My right arm bent all the way up and backward, and I heard a very loud crunch come from my shoulder.

It hurt a lot, but I still finished all the obstacles without a problem. For the next few hours, my range of motion was not very limited and the pain wasn’t too bad. It felt like a minor strain, until later that night. I barely slept last night due to the pain.

I’ve been taking a bunch of ibuprofen, a ton of fish oil, icing it, foam rolling, using tiger balm, taking hot showers, etc.

All of this helps. When I move my shoulder around, I get my range of motion back and the pain diminishes but does not disappear completely. If I work it around, especially in the shower, I feel much better, temporarily. Right now I’m sitting at work behind a desk and the pain gets worse the more I sit in the same spot.

Does this sound like I tore the shit out of my rotator cuff or what? I won’t have time to get to a doctor for a few days, and I don’t know of any good doctors around here who would know what they’re talking about when it comes to a shoulder injury.

There is no sharp impinging pain, it feels more like a muscular strain / soreness. It hurts most when rotating my forearm downward or side-to-side as if I was doing a rotator cuff exercise.

Any input is welcome. I’m hurting a lot right now.


Let me ask you a question. Can you raise your arm in front of you and have the strength to keep it at a 45 degree angle ? Regardless of pain or not.

The reason I ask is, I screwed my shoulder up big time years ago, but I did not injure the rotator cuff. What happened was, I stretched the Thorasic nerve( I think that is how you spell it). My scapula was protruding out at least 4-5 inches when I had my arm out, parallel to the ground. I ended up getting severe tendonitis in my shoulder and serratus. Still hurts today whenever I go overboard.

Bad thing was, the nerve damage did not heal for about 1 year or more. I still have slight protruding of the scapula. The nerve damage was not painful, but I had NO strength in my arm for a long time.

So, I hope it’s NOT that.

Also, I hope its not a torn rotator…just a bad strain. Best bet is to go see a doc.

I can lift my arm in front of me and over my head without a problem. It only hurts when doing any type of rotation.

First port of call is getting it checked out by a sports-knowledgable docter/ therapist ASAP.

Unless it proves to be a major tear look into getting some ART

If you actually heard a crunch, please go see a doctor.