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Screw You Back Acne


Thought you guys may have some tips on how to deal with back acne. 37yr old male on 100mg test cyp weekly for low test. Also taking an AI to keep E2 in check. Labs all check out okay but back acne is getting out of control.

Tried some OTC products (Salicyclic Body Wash and Benzoyl Peroxide Creams) which have seemed to worsen the condition. I finally got my Dr to RX a small dose of oral Minocycline Antibiotics. Well see if that helps. Any other suggestions? Why would a low dose of test Cyp be causing the bad break outs. This side effect sucks as I like to spend a lot of time at the beach with my shirt off.



20mg a day of accutane for 40 days and acne hasn't come back since...


I keep reading on here how awfully harsh is accutane and to use only as last resort.

Do tell if the small dose of oral Minocycline Antibiotic works. I'm so tired of having acne appear here and there all the time. Nothing major really, but it never completely goes away, always one more that pops up. Sometimes I get a big one very visible (with the shirt off).


back in high school, drinking a little bit of apple cider vinegar everyday helped clear up a lot of acne problems i was having... it tastes pretty disgusting; i suggest just putting a shot or so in your gallon jug of water to extremely dilute it.


I've beat it back with a twice-a-day shower using a back scrubber, salcylic acid wash, followed by the 10% Benz Peroxide wash that I leave on for the duration of the shower.

Also, sleep in a shirt --- a clean one, every day.

This is not a 100% solution, as I still get the occassional nasty zit, but it's a huge improvement.

I've also discovered you can pop a nasty zit by unscrewing the needle out of a syringe tube and "sucking" on the zit with the vaccuum created by pulling back on the plunger. Sucks all that disgusting crap right out the first time. Not sure if this is a healthy thing, but it sure is satisfying.


I just want to say that "JewBacca" is the best name I've ever heard.


thats extremely low dose you must have had little to no acne to begin with


Mine seems to clear up when I'm on cycle, although this time that doesn't appear to be the case. Pretty much just staying neutral but I've got it mildly bad on my back/shoulders. Probably would choose to live with it over taking accutane though. No amount of showers or clean clothes really seems to effect it one way or the other.


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It doesn't go away while on cycle, but it's much better. Which sucks in many ways. When I get off, or am off, I get them. No benefits, just bad zits. I wasn't keen on accutane and such harsh ways either, but I'm getting sick of this. Even though it's not THAT bad, it's there. Zits and muscles don't mix IMO.


I scrub my back with Head and Shoulders Classic Clean shampoo, the Zinc they use to kill dandruff fungus also works on acne bacteria. I scrub it on, then shave and brush my teeth before I rinse it off. Also wash your sheets more often, like once a week. Take a shower right after you get home from the gym.


Next step up from Minocycline is Accutane so if minocycline doesn't work I don't think you can avoid accutane. The bacteria causing the acne must be killed, washing the affected area's help etc, but it doesn't fully get rid of the problem. A gel called 'Epiduo' might help. I was prescribed epiduo and minocycline together when I had lots of facial acne during my teenage years. I'm going back on epiduo and going to get minocycline prescribed next week so I'll report back if both those used in conjunction help me again.


Quick update;
Started on 100mg of Minocycline 1x day about a week ago and back acne is getting much better. Huge difference than a week ago. I also did a few sessions at a tanning salon since I haven't been in the sun much lately. I think the combo of the two is helping. I'll post back in a few weeks once my 30 day RX has ended with final results. Gonna also continue to hit the tanning salon 2x a week.



This was after I had exhausted pretty much EVERY other option, and mine was cystic acne and zits, literally every morning at one point I'd wake up and the first thing I'd do was check to see where the new spots were and how bad the existing ones were. Acne, can fuck off...


I have terrible acne and I am about to try everything in this thread except accutane. lol

The head and shoulders is something I haven't heard before... or the vinegar.

Going to try both of those, and probably go to the doctor for some minocycline.
I have used doxycyline, with virtually no results, solodyn, tazorac, numerous prescription scrubs, basically every cream/scrub except for minocycline, epiduo and accutane.

I currently bleed through my shirt every squat day because my acne is bad enough it will pop just from the blood pressure. And sleeping.. always have to wear a shirt. The one time recently that I fell asleep without one my girlfriend woke up with my blood on her from where she fell asleep on me. Luckily she isn't easily grossed out.

Acne sucks.


I found some old ass acne medication that I had from probably 8 years ago. I never had acne bad, something along the lines of 'can barely even be called acne' so I had pretty light medication but even that would dry out my skin and be moderately harsh. Never had shit on my shoulders/back until about two years ago. I'm gonna try some of this topical stuff on it and see if it works. Was never intended to be used anywhere other than the face, but I assume it would have at least some effect- provided it's even still good after that many years.


You guys simply see a doctor and ask for minocycline and you get it just like that? What do you answer to his questions on how you got that acne on your back and shoulders?


Are you serious, guy? A lot of the people here had pre-existing conditions- that are sometimes exacerbated by AS. I don't know about Canada, but here in the United States, medical practitioners are bound by a Hippocratic Oath. They can't look down on someone or deny them treatment just because they used gear.


Topical cream is great, the 10% Benzyl peroxide stuff is best, just be sure to rub it in thoroughly, don't just dab loads on so it can 'soak in'; this approach won't work. Also, if you are applying it several times a day on your body (i.e shoulders and chest like I was) wear a cheap white t-shirt under your shirt as it can bleach white patches into your clothes.

One important factor not to be ignored is that treatments like Benzyl Peroxide cream and tea tree foam wash are great treatments, but they are REACTIVE, they won't prevent ACNE, if you cycle on and off then coming off or even running a tetracyline throughout the cycle may help, but the only PREVENTATIVE treatment I found was accutane, and I tried everything I could. I am positive (though I can't make an assertion based on scientific research obviously) that long-term it was safer for me to use 20mg accutane for (I think it was) 45 days than to constantly use tetracycline and also much more financially viable than to be constantly wasting money on gels, creams and foam washes etc.

But this is just me, also Acne is a terrible fucking problem, cystic acne is just awful, absolutely awful. One day, even on 20mg of accutane I did feel my liver ache, but I just drank plenty of water and never felt it again. I also drink very infrequently so liver health wasn't a concern either. I did see that for severe cases someone of my body-weight could need to use up to (I think it was) 120mg a day! -fuck that!


Couple of suggestions that have worked for me.

  1. Acne Free face wash (Pro-Activ, Neutrogena, OXY, didn't work for me)
  2. Clean & Clear deep cleaning astringent (Salicylic Acid (2%))
  3. Benzoyl peroxide based lotion.
  4. Spot treatment with Zap-Zyt or any 10% benzoyl peroxide.

This may seem like over kill but it has worked as a good preventative and reactive solution to bad acne.