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Screw with Your Metabolism?



 I seem to recall someone here on T-Nation suggested that it's better for your metabolism if

1) you eat more calories one day (i.e. 2600) and subtract from that the next day (i.e. 2200) so that you end up with a weekly AVERAGE of what it is you are targeting to take in (i.e. 2400)

as opposed to

2) eat that same calorie amount (2400) day after day.

Anybody recall if this is true and also why? What article was it? I am having a hard time coming up with the appropriate terms to search for.




Nobody remembers seeing anything like this? Am I just making this stuff up?

Hmm... how confounding.


Carb cycling codex by CT?

I think the principle is to coincide your training days with non-training days (higher and lower cals respectively). If this is what you're talking about, then a lot of the articles on diet are written in that manner.


Yes, you are. Dementia is setting in, my friend.


Nah, just kidding. I think this is one of Art De Vany's ideas.


This idea is old as dirt.

Fred Hatfield (speaking of old as dirt... HAH! Just kidding if you see this Doc) has a good set of articles about "Zig-Zagging" (his term for it) on his site www.drsquat.com; CT wrote his version here which is the Carb Cycling Codex.

Both takes will work well.



And here it is; quite a detailed article:



Yayyeee T-Nation Forum members to the rescue!

Thank you all.