screw tupac

fuck tupac… He was the fakest rapper ever…One moment he’s talking about bitches and ho’s and the nest he’s singing dear momma got respect the ladies…FUck him Ole fake ass…THat why suge got his buster ass shot

I saw a very old interview with Tupac and he was talking about acting and how he went to art school and all about his craft. He was very soft spoken and sounded very intelligent. Hardly like the hardcore rapper he became. Maybe it was all an act?


Too bad he was the best rapper ever, hands down. Don’t hate!

Yeah! And you know who else pisses me off? Herbert Hoover! What a lame-ass excuse for a president! If he comes around my 'hood any time soon, I’d make him toss my salad! And Elvis! Little bastard doesn’t come out with any albums for his fans in, what, 25 years, and we’re supposed to love him again for that ‘Little Less Conversation’ single? Mo-fo…

elegua! That’s some funny shit!!! I love the “toss my salad” comment. Oh and fuck 2pac what a p.o.s.

I was going to post a response, but elegua beat me to it (and did it better than I could have). Thass some funny shit, bro!

The only problem I have with Tupac, is that they wasted to many bullets on that p.o.s.
As fpr other punk ass bitches, tjhat Neville Chamberlain was a big pussy and Truman should’ve been bitch slapped by Bad Doug MC when he smack the commies back to the Great wall.

Yeah! and speaking as a Canadian (and merely repeating Howard Stern), whatabout those pussy ass French who didn’t give a shit about the people in Quebec for 300 years, also… in WW2 just let those godamn nazis walk into town. Now they just sit in the cheap seats inciting the people in Quebec to separate and criticize the US for wanting to get rid of a terrorist dictator. Guess who’s nuts we’ll be trying to pull out of the vise again in the years to come!!!

pls. bump, interesting views expressed.