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Screw the Games

Having read a few posts and posted myself…i ask this question of all the good t-freques out there…bionic, your input here necessary, as is michelle’s and some other vixens; Many a post on the good guy ordeal and the syndrome of having a girl use you as en emotional crutch etc. and then there are the vixens’ posts that guy players just use them…WHen in the hell, are people just going to grow up and we can just ask one another out and be like “yeah, thats cool that someone likes me, and that cares about me”…do we have to wait till people are 27 28?..what the hell…Recently, i don’t give a fu*&% about asking any girl out because even if they aren’t truly interested, the games can end right there…Can we all make a pact just to end this gay ass shit and look for the good shit?..its like highschool here…comon…i mean, its almost as bad as people writing in on how to cut bodyfat by 10% in two weeks or gaining 10lbs of mass in three…?..When does the shit end?
later, Vain

Basically, bro, It’s all human nature and there does not appear to exist any signs of complication neutralizing anytimes soon. I feel that Guns 'N Roses isolate and explore the problem far better than any self-help book in their song “Dust 'n Bones”, I’ve included a pivitol exerpt: “Sometimes these women are so easy, sometimes these women are so cold. Sometimes these women seem to rip you right in two, only if you let 'em get to you.” Truth is, you will find few people who know what they want on this planet and even fewer who are competent in attaining their goals. Let those interested in playing games play by themselves. And dude, don’t use “gay” as a negative connotation (i.e. “gay ass shit”.) Do the majority of people in society walk around saying “oh, that’s some nigger,kike, straight ass shit?” I’m not going to lecture, just think hard before you open your mouth.

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it isn’t until our late 20’s it seems as i have noticed with people i know that we actually do grow up and can see the worth of people and caring about them enough to respect them. i have just recently realized how much i want to be respected and that i am not willing to take shit from ANYONE and i mean ANYONE, male or female friends. if i am not going to be treated with respect and if i have to make all the effort to make a relationship work then fuck it, it’s definitely not worth my time. “It’s up to us to choose whether we win or lose, and I choose to win.” Hang in there bud.

No shit. I second everything you said.

Monkeyboy: Sorry bra, you make a good point about the wording…have never been homophobic or racist…just never thought about it bra…It those types of thigs that I like when people point out, tweeks your overall personality a bit.
We out.

I’m 27, and I just finally met a good non-game-playing little Vixen over the past year. She’s 29. I have to think there’s something to all the older guys in here who say that the women finally get tired of the games and whatnot when they get a little older. That and we guys figure out a few things about ourselves and quit putting up with them.

So, the moral of the story is, do not try to get into anything too serious or heavy until your late twenties, because generally people aren’t mature enough until then. Good point. True, too. Part of the game-playing that girls, and guys I might add, indulge in is simply a means of figuring out who they are, how they are, what they want, who they want, and what their priorities in relationships are. It takes a while and a lot of ups and downs to finally settle in on something good and to want to work on it. Teenagers and young adults tend to be too selfish to allow themselves to think of the other person.Everything has to be perfect and now. It’s only when you can think selflessly about the other person that that you really can give selfless love, be trusting and honest. That takes a lot of work, a lot of sacrifice, and a lot of flexibility–something young people just aren’t equipped to really deal with. And that’s not a criticism! It’s just the way we humans are. And yes, sometimes there are exceptions. There are couples who find each other in high school, get married, have children, etc. etc. and live happily ever after. Not too often though. So, in the end the nice guys and girls become even nicer and lead wonderful lives, because they do find each other. Good luck!

Nice thoughts, beavertail. I hope one day I can be as optimistic as you! :slight_smile:

FYI. Everyone knows the human doesn’t develope a frontal cortex until about age 19. That being said as of then is their first glimps of morality up till then it is mearly training. They sit cause they know they are supposed to not because they know it is the right thing to do. Same goes in this aspect. They will figure it out but as everyone in neurology knows it takes time to aclimate to and utilize new neurons. I would say wait until they are at a minimum of 27 then go for it if you want stable and all that crap. If you want sex well that is different then just be a prick but be funny about it and you will not be able to keep them off with a stick.

I hope so too! I guess I was one of the lucky ones who met the man of my dreams in my late twenties. By that time I was ready to settle down and really make our marriage work (and it works wonderfully!). I went through my fair share of game playing, jerky guys, lonely times, etc. and came out stronger for it. I think in the end I learned how to compromise, how to give and receive, to think about someone else before myself, etc. All of these qualities were probably there before, but hidden under the selfishness and erratic behaviour of youth. And I’m glad I didn’t jump at the first guy that proposed because the one I ended up with is such a prize–and by the way, one of the NICEST men you would ever want to meet!!! To everyone, not just me. Sure hope you meet your special someone soon.

This wil happen when people start being honest… with themselves first. After my recent breakup I was a complete and TOTAL wreck. I went to a shrink once or twice a week for months, I was on brain pills for a month and through that I learned a lot about myself. I was in counseling for all 4 years of college also. All of this talking taught me a lot about myself and who I am. I know about my own weaknesses and strong points. I know that I tend to be extremely controlling and I know what to look for to stop that behavior. I am honest with myself and therefore can be honest with my partner. I don’t play games and neither does he. You know something? Both my last boyfriend and my current one are honest, strong willed, sensitive men. Playing the ‘asshole’ game will not help you find a good woman, because any self respecting woman will say ‘fuck off, you’re an asshole.’ I found two great guys in a row, by being 100% myself and them doing the exact same. Here’s an interesting test for you… can you have a heart to heart talk with your sig about an ex? This only really applies to serious relationships - not ‘just dating’ ones. This is important because how many of your thoughts and decisions are influenced by a past realtionship? A lot of them… if your current BF/GF knows nothing about your ex how can they learn about who you are as a person? You can not have a mature adult relationship unless both parties are mature adults…

Glad you like my lyrics. But I didn’t give you permission to use them, damn it! Expect a lawsuit arriving at the zoo soon. If you would have used “Back off Bitch”, which is more appropriate, I would’ve let you slide. That song is about Slash.