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Screw the Bench Press


I bench 110kg touch and go. I weigh 130-140kg. Ive been made to feel inadequate for years because of my shitty bench. I play american football with loads of guys benching 140-160 kg. I push them all round the football field. I bet I could do the same to all the benchers at my gym. I don't even know how to play american football (Im English and have been playing 2 months). Fuck the bench press.


You'll be back. They all come back.


lol wtf I CGBP'd almost as much as you weigh today and I weigh about 93kg. you need to fix your bench just out of principle.


The fact that he is 6'9 with arms longer than his height may have something to do with it....

That said, OP, this is the PL forum...either bench or GTFO!


That's why we total on 3 lifts... do what you can dude.

Maybe do some board presses IDK start with 4 boards. You'll be able to do more weight which might get you jazzed a little bit. Then when you get good at 4 boards,drop to a 3 board etc. Sooner or later you'll be back to the chest and stronger than ever.


Haha I hate bench too and the closest Ive come is incline bench presses in the past 4 years at least. Im gonna have to start because I want to do a meet.


Seriously, fuck the bench press.


You know you wish you benched hyooge weightz :stuck_out_tongue:


Fuck this thread, I hated benching and stuck my head in the sand and I have NOTHING good to show for it.

dont be a quitter


in other news.


True. I also wish I could take a chainsaw to my AC joint. Kinda self-destructive, though. Just like benching.


Being poorly built for whatever lift just makes getting it awesome that much sweeter.


You having long arms just means your triceps have the ability to get that much more massive.


my wingspan is 3-4" greater than my height.... though I'm just a shade under 5'9".

can't OP go with a wider grip? I mean really for a guy that big to only bench bw is a glaring flaw IMO.


You have long arms, which is a curse for your bench, but a blessing for your deadlift. Take it as is. Plus improving something which you suck at is much more rewarding than improving at something you are already good at.


Nothing? Nothing at all?


Maybe you just don't know how to fuckin' bench.

Courtesy of Dave Tate.



if you push people around in the field and are good at your sport why is it so important for your to bench much ? , dont get to caught up in bench strength for sports deadlifts and squats have more carryover.


I dont really care about my sport I just want to push (and pull) people around

I dont really care about powerlifting it just helps my goals

Not going to drop the bench press but Im glad Ive discovered ...

Its fucking stupid


Serbian gangsters recommend mix of biceps,triceps,guns & bombs! :wink:)