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Screw Terrell Owens


Even though it seems like we don't have a lot of football fans on here, I just have to state that T.O. is a fuckin pric. People like him don't deserve to play the goddamn game.


yeah its too bad he lets his huge ego get in the way of his huge talent.


Well it looks like he won't be playing for a good while :slight_smile: Haha maybe he will get picked up by an arena league.


I've read in interviews of his (to paraphrase)"I'm a wide reciever, I need to sell myself, I need to draw attention to myself to make it big." I have his exact words wrong, but the meaning is the same.
So, T.O., you drew attention to yourself, how do you like it now. What a cry baby. You look at Marvin Harrison, maybe not as greatly talented as T.O., but one of the best playing now, and the guy doesn't say a thing. He just puts out.
I challenge anybody to defend T.O. I won't shoot you down, but I am curious as to where he (you) could be coming from and how he could justify his words and actions.
By the way, how bout them Colts?


Yeah that is why I dont watch pro football


Receivers don't touch the ball all that much, so I understand his theory in a way.

But compared to Jerry Rice, Michael Irvin, or any of the other seriously talented receivers in the last fifteen years, he is a sham. Maybe as talented. But never as respected.


He couldn't hold a candle to Jerry, Irvin, or Andre Reed. And I think Marvin Harrison outplays and definitely outclasses him.


He doesn't get as much respect because he does nothing but piss and moan. If he shut his mouth and just played he might get some. Now everyone looks at him like he is a big f'n clown. He did it in San Fran and now in Philly. Who in their right mind would actually consider signing him?


Oakland. Watch.


I agree. What I have heard is that some of the Philly Eagles have been pulling for TO because of the team and its management. Philly is under the cap (well was under, don't know since they picked up that new guy). They wanted TO to challenge the system there and see about getting them more $. This is also BS. They already make how many million dollars. The greed of some people is unreal. Haha and during his hold out he was saying ?hey I gotta feed my family,? when you could feed a small country on his old salary.


He'll be on the Raiders next year...they love misfits.


Oakland. T-O and Randy Moss would be an interesting combo. Two over-talented dickheads.


Haha i don't think the raiders could afford Randy AND Owens. Besides the worst teams in the leauge would get first dibs.

1st choice- Texans - they couldn't afford him and TO wouldn't play there given the option

2nd - Green Bay - get the chance for Farve after all!...but he will most likely retire after this season anyway

then you have a big mash of the Browns, Vikings, 9ers, Jets, Ravens, ...any one else 2 and 6 or worse?


There is no way in hell T.O. will be on the Raiders next year. I saw about 3 posts above that stated so. For those of you that don't know, the Raiders already have 2 elite recievers. Moss and Porter. Not only could they not afford T.O.'s over priced salary, but then Jerry Porter would be a waste of money and talent. The Raiders just signed Porter to an expensive long term deal. Just because the Raiders have previously accepted "missfits" on their squad, doesn't mean that they'll take any idiot, like Owens, or Ricky Williams etc.

What I find interesting about T.O. is that he has all the tools. He dominates his oposition. He is ALWAYS in shape...something that Shaq should consider. His only problem is when a microphone is put in front of his face. That's the interesting part, that his mouth is ruining his career.

GOOOOOO RAIDERS!!!! (without Owens)


I'll try to defend T.O.....ummmm...Fuck it, all i'll say is this

He's a third round draft pick who, through hard wark and dedication, made himself into one of the premeire receivers in the game today. His personal past has problem caused him to not connect with people too well, but not make him into a complete asshole. Combine that with the current receiver mentality and not knowing when to stop it, he just blew up the T.O. media image more then he should. ...But then again, he's done some dumbass selfish shit. He's probably a good guy, he's just put himself in bad situation..

Also, don't compare him to Ricky Williams, the man just wants to be free. And Marvin Harrison is elite receiver who would be praised undoubtly if he talked as much as other receivers. Silent Death is what he is..



If only Romo(romanowski) was still playing, maybe he would hawk a huge frickin goob of snot on T.O.'s face. And that still wouldn't do T.O. justice.

Holla--------- if ya here me


My comparison about Ricky and T.O. was as simple as this. It was mentioned that the Raiders will take anyone that has problems. agree?
A year ago when Ricky quit there was talk about Ricky going to the Raiders because the Raiders like to gamble on misfits. Now with the whole T.O. thing people are talking about T.O. going to the Raiders because the Raiders like to gamble on misfits. Does this clarify the "comparison"?

By the way, I don't have a problem with pot smokers. I welcome them.


Point well taken, but we all agree on this

T.O. fucked up


best receiver in the game.

just saying.

the eagles act like they didn't expect this from him, and shouldn't have picked him up if they weren't ready to deal with it.

he was also the only eagle to play in the super bowl. after being told he wouldn't play anymore last season.

and yes, he's a prick, but one of the few pricks in sports who backs it up on the field. until he commmits a bigger crime than flapping his gums, I back him.


I don't think anyone can argue T.O.'s talent, but what a piece of shit!!!

I AM pleasantly surprised that the Eagles are taking a stand and doing the right thing. Unfortunately, some owner out there will sign him to a big contract next year, so he'll never have to learn his lesson. More players and young kids will emulate him. More fans will be turned off to pro sports. etc, etc. It is a currently running vicious cycle.

What SHOULD happen is the owners stand together on people like Owens AND, actually REWARD and further promote class acts like Harrison. The big corporate sponsorships and endorsment deals should go the same route.

AT FIRST, the league would miss out on some great talent, but eventually, the talented players will learn to show a little class if they want to get paid. Athletes will be better role models. The paradigm will shift across the board.

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