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Screw Racism


Just watched "Mississippi Burning", fantastic movie. But I just feel the need for a forum hating racism. If someone is so ignorant, and seems to feel that the differences in races- one which people dont pick for themselves- makes one better or worse than another, then that person needs to be beaten senselessly.


Beaten senselessly? Is that like hitting them with bats of yarn while singing the Star Wars theme at the top of your lungs?

If not, then maybe.



OP: Language fail.


I don't think that if someone is accused of being a racist, whether by a stranger on an internet forum or otherwise, that they should necessarily be beaten senseless. Not as a general principle at least. Just my 2 cents.


Yeah, that first post started off sensible (really, how long can a thread go about racism is bad? It's kind of cut and dried till a troll comes along) then went wrong.
Sometimes violence is necessary but if someone's an idiot, striking their head won't do much good.


Also, I think you may have meant beaten senseless, as "beaten senselessly" makes me think of hitting someone with bananas or wafflenuggets or something.


Spooks...hate em.
Racism is my right as an 'Merikin.
Deal with it br4h.


Actually this is how you beat someone senselessly...


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You and I...we're the same, man.


Your eloquence is astonishing. Yes let's promote tolerance through the means of intolerance! I disagree with your views therefore I'm going to beat you senseless! I wonder when you're going to start going around beating up all those racists in the world. Of course this just crusade will probably take you into almost everyone's home. Hell you'll probably find you're beating yourself too.

I find it curious how a lot of white Americans seem to feel the need to make up for their vicious racist past by becoming zealots against racism. It's just like how people can go OTT with passionately hating and vilifying paedophiles to make up for the fact that they don't care about their children enough. Or people becoming pacifist socialists to make up for the fact that their country was an imperial empire stretching the globe in the past. It's quite a narrow viewpoint, and just shows that people will just follow what is fashionable, often to make up for their insecurities.

Most people don't consider that humans are innately racist to a large degree, depending on their upbringing (if you were immersed in a multi-racial environment as a kid then you're more accepting of other races). But its human nature to be innately distrustful of people who don't look similar to yourself. This cracked article sums it up pretty well, showing the hypocritical fallacies that people think.

What am I getting at here? I'm saying that intolerance is a contradictory way of promoting tolerance. You don't beat someone senseless just because they have a different opinion to you. That's the hypocrisy that starts up persecutory movements. Yes racism can often enter the realm of dangerous ignorance, and its important to remove that dangerous ignorance through edification. But unless we have widespread integration and multicultural societies, then racism will remain just another part of life and human nature.

Also Mississippi burning was a good film in the beginning, but then towards the end it didn't seem to really go anywhere. It tried to ride the racist wave without adding in much substance. American History X is a much superior film.

inb4 someone calls me racist


I ain't racist - got me a colour TV!!

(I used to work in a butcher shop in high school, and my boss used to say this. Think he's in jail for a hate crime now)



I agree. American History X was definitely far superior.

Mississippi Burning always reminds me of Emmet Till. RIP.


Anytime I encounter racism I go and find a woman of the offending race and have sex with her.

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It's crap. In terms of skinhead movies there's only 'Romper Stomper' and 'Made In Britain'.

Martin: Who the hell are you?

Sonny Jim: We came to wreck everything and ruin your life...God sent us.


The twist in American History X got me good the first time...since then I've watched the video more times than I can count. Damn good movie.


Meh, I think Made in Britain was much more based on the antisocial behaviour than racism. I just laughed and forgot about it the next day.

In American History X, racism is just in your face, you can't fucking escape it. The movie stuck in my mind for days. That's how powerful I found it.


People that don't recycle? Let's stab them!


Curb stomp is one scene, once seen, cannot be unseen. Damn.


Yup... that was one hell of a scene...