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Screw Lifting Weights


DUN! DUN! DUN!...big intriguing title! Anyway, now that I got everyone's panties in a bunch lol.

Drill I did today:

Partner gets in quarter position (on elbows & knees) and you pick them up one way (seat belt type grip for instance), lift them over your shoulder (if possible) 10x then run down and back with them.

Repeat with different grips, then from different positions (guard, bear hug, etc)

Now I can squat quite a bit, and power clean a high damn percentage of my DL, but christ that was hard. Seriously that's the kind of shit that will make you brutally strong (imo).

So it's not lifting 'weights' but technically, it's still strength training...

Anybody have other partner resisted exercises (or odd training stuff) they like to do?


We used to do squats with people sitting on our shoulders. Also partner weighted pushups and partner carries (think sand bag).


No Weights FTW...

I have suffered through buddy carries for a mile
stairs with dude on your back.
hills with fat kid on your back.
pushups, body weight squats and neck bridges with dude sitting on you.
nothing too crazy.

lots of greco drills- lifting your partner into a back arch for reps
continously throwing your partner.



I skimmed this thread and got:

panties in a bunch
on elbows & knees
seat belt type grip
guard, bear hug, etc
that was hard
partner resisted exercises

Sorry, to much time in the sex and the male animal forum. Seriously though, the partner stuff in great, we used to do a lot of firemen carries and related drills when I was grappling, and it's no joke when you're training with other heavyweights. I put on muscle even when I took a break from lifting for half a year to focus on training, and I think the human resistance training was a big part of that.


Sounds like a good drill. We did a lot of similar stuff with Rodney Smith at last summer's iCAT camp. I suspect he'll do more of the same this year.

And I agree, that type of odd lifting/partner resisted stuff will make you brutally strong on the mat.


You can do this work with a sandbag. That's what i do. Bear hug it or get it on your back and walk or jog around.
All i need now is that 100 pound vest and i'm set for life.


FUCK BUDDY CARRIES. especially with big dudes, full battle rattle, and maintaining control of your rifle with your free hand.

OP, that drill you described sounds pretty hardcore, i'll have to try it out sometime



From a great aussie company, who I think also have made the worlds first adjustable weight kettlebell? [/shamless plug for aussie made gear]

I haven't tried this aqua-bag thing, but it looks like it would kick your ass!

Some dude left some blast straps in the gym the other day. When I was sure that he wasn't comming back I tried em out. Finally found a good use for the smith machine (i.e. hanging to straps off of it)

They are kinda like gymnasts rings but with a soft canvas-sy handle and a hard straight handle?
I tried push-ups, IR rows, pikes... man, that stuff was just killer. On the push-us I was shakin like a leaf. Made me consider doin girly (knee) push-ups with em. Luckily no-one else was in the gym.... :expressionless:





I've worked with various sandbags, tires, kegs, odd/strongman implements, and even bulgarian bags... but it's a lot different with an ACTUAL human being. Having them resist even a little makes a huge difference.

For reference- bulgarian bag: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggmpisjjtTU


Hey all,

I'm sort of new to the whole "alternative training" idea. What size sandbag would you recommend for throws, jogs/sprints and so on... I'm 6'0 about 210 pounds. I'm looking to get back into wrestling after a long lay off by joining my colege's club team.
I'm not week but not overly strong.
Bench 300
Squat 425
DL 505





1.5x bench
2x squat
2.5 dead

not overly strong eh?

looks pretty solid to me. i'm going to go and assume those numbers do not belong to you.

feel free to post vids or pics to prove me wrong though


I am not defending him in any way but he did say he was a wrestler. And at 210 the only thing amazing there is the deadlift. If it is true his takedowns are explosive as hell that's all I can say.

I would like to see vids or pics of this too.


Considering I've been lifting for 4 years, I'd like to have better numbers. True, the DL is alright and, take downs are indeed my strongpoint. My bench however, is pathetic in my book. I'd love to post some vids, but I'm totally blind and not that computer, um, compatible.



Sooo, now that we've established I'm a fraud...how 'bout dem sandbags?



personally- i id not see those numbers as too far off..
but that is allot of work off work for a youngish person to do......

sand bags- if you want to throw it- or swing it 40 lbs is ALLOT

if you want to hug it and carry it 100lbs is kinda big too.

go to home depot and pick one up.
put it on your shoulder- think about doing jump squats with it.

if that doesn't make you puke

go pick up the 80lb bag of concrete.
carry it on your shoulder up the ladder at the store- and think about how heavy it might be
swinging it.