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Screw All Drugs


Another celebrity found dead in relation to drugs. Death fucking sucks. Do you realize that those people are gone and they are NOT COMING BACK because they touched this degenerate shit? I sincerely apologize for having endorsed any type of drug related activity in the past, and have totally reversed my previous approval of anything relating to drugs of any kind, including alcohol. Please think about how evil and dangerous it is to divorce your mind from the GIFT of relatity, which DJ AM no longer possesses.


I agree with this. However, I also enjoy booze n' weed.


What the hell is relatity and why do I need it?


I think he means relativity. Or reality. I guess both would work.


I agree with this. However, I dont smoke weed.


Yah, I had guessed.

Oh and; Drugs are bad mmmmkay


Perfect. Avatar.


I see nothing wrong w/ most drugs. In a lot of cultures, they serve a medical, not in the sense of medicine some would consider, or a social/cultural purpose for rights of passage, initiation, or simply to bring people together.

Not too long ago, the United Nations told Peru and Bolivia that chewing coca should be banned. The disregarded the fact that coca chewing has been practiced since the dawn of time in the culture, w/ little to no ill effects. Its somewhere along the lines of telling americans to stop watching baseball and eating apple pie, which even is a weak comparison and most Americans lack a strong sense of identity, particularly culturally. Personally, I think somebody at the UN should have been punched in the face for that display of disrespect. Theres a big difference some dipshit doing lines of coke so he can continue drinking himself into oblivion, than a group of peruvians getting together to chew coca like you may share a couple beers between your buddies.


In the Bwiti cultures of Gabon, they have a hallucinogenic treebark called Iboga. It is not a pleasant experience and can be very disturbing. People recount ordeals of reliving every experience of causing emotional pain to someone, from that person's perspective. The active component of the drug, Ibogaine, is currently being used to treat severe substance abuse disorders. People take it, see whatever negative aspects of themselves are causing them to use their drug of choice and gain some insight about where their life is headed if they keep using.

This is a video of a Westerner who undergoes a Bwiti initiation (it is long but awesome):

I'm not going to bring up ayahuasca or marijuana, but both drugs w/ a medical purpose, that usually get crapped on, but the point is drugs are not evil or the devil. Prescription medications are the same way.

Most of the people who die or experience negative effects of drugs use do it because it is their own fault. It doesn't make drugs inherently evil or wrong. In fact, its stuff like this that is pushing a lot of drugs to labelled culturally as the root of all evils, when there is a lot more involved.


get outta here with this shit


This is gonna be an epic thread.

I used to a big pill head. Lucky for me I wised up a bit. Dont even drink anymore really but I smoke that Ganj everyday I can find it.


Who died?


I'm with this.

Though I do enjoy when belligerent tries to get all profound every now and then.




Are you seriously mourning DJ AM? Holy shit.


R.I.P DJ Am..
In an article about him written a year and a half ago he talks about dealing with drug addiction in the past and actually pretty much said that he was only one drink away from this happening at anytime.




This is like Final Destination. Death was out to get this guy.
Drugs are alright, just don't overdo it.


X2 Drugs don't force themselves in your body. That's a choice you make on your own.


Come on with the crack already, dumbass smoked crack, boo fucking hoo. On his tombstone it should say I am a dumb crackhead.


Drugs, just like steroids, can be used correctly and incorrectly. Most of the people dying because of drugs are probably doing them in excess amounts, or in combination with other drugs, prescriptions, alcohol, etc.

And what is a "drug," anyway?

Caffeine is a drug.

Alcohol is a drug.

Or is it everything in the Schedule-I class? No, can't be, because RX isn't included in there (thanks lobbyists pharmaceutical companies.)

Anyway, just because you got caught smoking weed in some gated community doesn't mean the rest of us are bogged down by a little bit of reefage.