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Screelo’s Log to Strength

Hi everyone,
After looking through several logs on here I’ve been motivated to start my own on here. Hopefully to hold myself more accountable and make progress with my lifting rather than spinning my wheels with no direction. This is my first post on t-nation but I’ve found much useful info on this site over the years.

I’ve been lifting since I was 16, the first 6 years I was focused on lifting to improve my baseball abilities, which I played through college. Now I sit the desk. After college I’ve done a lot of different things with not much direction. I tried 531 for a few months but lost motivation with it. Currently I am on day 10 of a 20 day strength program I found online that looked interesting. I’m thinking of trying 531 again after but would love to hear other ideas. Input is always welcome!

About me: I’m 28, 6’-2” and 205lbs (up probably 10 lbs the last couple months). My best lifts are:
Squat 315#
Bench 215#
Deadlift 425#

My short term goals is to hit a 1000# total. Longer term I would like to continue to increase my strength and maintain around a 200# bw. Eventually I want to hit 405, 315, 500.

Thanks for reading, I will start logging workouts tomorrow.



Thanks myth, good to have you along. Do you have a log?

This mornings workout:
Back squat 225x3 225x4 225x5 255x2 255x3 255x4 285x1 285x1 285x1

Bench 150x4 150x5 150x6 175x3 175x4 175x5 195x1 195x1 195x1

DB shrugs 3x10 85#

dips 3x10


Squats were a major grind, legs felt beat up before even starting. Bench moved easily. Increased bw lately has definitely helped my bench.

I do have a log but you may not find it too interesting - haven’t been in the gym for a while.

This mornings workout: pretty short today, Been feeling beat up


Bb bent over rows 3x10 135 145 145

Db pullovers 5 8 10 12 with 60#

Db rear laterals 4x15 with 12#s

Heavy bb curls 4x5 with 80#

Db hammer curls 3x20 with 25#


@The_Myth thanks for sharing. Respect for being so open with what you’ve been through.

Glad to share.

Not sure if it’s being open or needing work on my boundaries, lol.

Deadlift 255x2 295x2 325x3 345x2 365x2 385x1 395x1

Bench 135x2 155x2 175x2 185x2 195x2 175x5

Skull crusher 60#x10 70#x10 70#x10 60#x15 50#x20

Db shrugs 3x20 with 80#

Felt great. Low reps are the best

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Back squat 160x5 175x5 190x5

1 arm db row 3x5 with 80

Because life.

Restartedthe workout i was supposed to do a couple days ago

Back squat 160x5 175x5 190x5

1 arm db row 3x5 with 80

Weighted pull ups 3x3 with 25#

Db RDL 3x10 with 55#

Rev grip bb bent over row 3x10 with 115#

Ah Db curls 2x5 with 35#, 40# 2x10 with 32.5#

Db rear laterals 2x15 with 12#

Db hammer curls 2x20 with 25#