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Screaming Joints

Fellas my joints are makeing me crazy. Will aas help my joint pain ?
I’ve also read that some anabolics cand ruin connective tissue.Let me know bros.Glucosamine sulfate isn’t cutting it either.Peace.


Look for celadrin, some places sell it in bulk so you can get a pretty decent deal. If your definitely looking to go the anabolic route, AVOID winstrol. Compounds like anavar and deca should be helpful and eq and primo might be close seconds IMO. Still I don 't think any aas will help permanently and unless you plan on never going off, once you stop the pain will most likely return. Also look around for info on adequan, I know VERY little about it but have heard it works well for joint regeneration ect. STill I’d try the celedrin fist.

I would be extremely interested in anything anyone has to say on this as well. If anything, I need to strengthen, for lack of a better term, my connective tissues. I’ve dislocated my patella twice on each knee (total of four times) doing various activities. Something I want to get fixed but the Army docs aren’t too helpful.

Got the lifting portion down, but looking for any other means to increase connective tissue strength and increasing stability in joints (esp. knees).

That’s why I came here. I love lifting but for me to enjoy it I’ve got to do it very intense and pretty heavy. I’ve been doing it for over 25 years and I HURT EVERYWHERE, EVERYDAY. Knee pain has recently gotten so bad I can’t even sleep so I decided a few months ago I’d finally do my first cycle to help the joints (I got to admit the side effect of blowing up is pretty enticing as well). My plan was to go with Deca. But thank god I did research here first to learn Deca only is nuts. I’m still attending the T-Nation university an hour a day and should have my cycle worked out in the next couple weeks.

Guys, all the old-timers ever used was Deca and D-bol. That was standard treatment for ALL sports that used doping. Anyway, I would recommend that combo with as much Zymitol or Serralone as you could afford.

Hyraluoronic Acid may help too, its pretty cheap so why not? Throw all this in with standard fish oil, MSM and glucosamine and you should be feeling better sooner rather than later. I feel for you man, I hope this helps.

I have been using a GNC brand that has helped me with knees and shoulders. I consists of Glucosamine 750mg, and Chondroition 600 mg. Its about 30 bucks for 120 capsules. I started taking 2 a day but I’m taking one every morning now.

Lift Heavy


The d-bol and deca combo was tops for me and my shoulder pain. I also started taking a shitload of EFA’s and I think this 3-pronged attack would cure just about any joint pain.

What the hell is efa?

Thanks guys, looks like this is all the info Im gonna get.Big help fellas you been great.


Essential Fatty Acids,

[quote]biscuite wrote:
What the hell is efa?[/quote]

Sorry,Essential Fatty Acids