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Given the post from the Aussies who are having trouble because of their screaming in the gym, I am curious how many of you out there feel it is necessary to scream when going heavy?

Further, does it bother you or distract from your workout if other people in the gym are screaming or performing some other type of theatrics to psyche themselves up?


I didnt post on that thread because I didnt feel like starting an internet penis measuring contest, but as long as we are directly asking...

I train with some pretty strong guys, 2 bench over 550 raw, and 5 bench over 400 raw. In shirts we have an 800, a 700, a 600 and 4 500 benchers. Rare is the time that anyone screams or gets too fired up. One of the biggest changes in my training over the last year is how infrequently I now get fired up for a big training lift. To me, it's a waste of energy.

Assuming that they are doing full ROM and that theyre repping, 143lb DBs are pretty impressive. But it's just not necessary. I think both sides are wrong - the members for complaining instead of either, a) ignoring it or b) saying something to them, and I think it's pretty juvenile to act that way in the gym. A lot of fun, for sure, but come on, this isnt a meet, and you arent surrounded by other lifters...


If most of the screamers I saw put half the effort into lifting as they did making a spectical of themselves, they might actually make some gains. Most of the screamers I see are on the smith machine or cable apparatus.

I must admit though I did some grunting a few weeks ago though doing what for me at the time is a heavy deadlift. I though my head was going to explode and the rather loud grunt slipped out and was audible to all, so hey it happens to the best of us. I still find it annoying though, especially when the offender knows everyone is looking in their direction and all of a sudden get the swollen lat syndrome..... Damn prima donnas IMHO


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Yes screaming is a must it draws attention to the fact that you do not know what the "F" you are doing and that you generally have a lack of developement. Which allows those of us that do to stear clear.

It also lets all the ladies in the gym know you have a small penis. Which again helps all of us normal guys out.

So yes Screaming in the gym is very helpful and I wholeheartedly reccomend it!




haha, hey bodyguard, i knew we had to agree on something!


I don't know about screaming, sometimes a nice grunt is let out towards the end of an intense set. It's kind of a hissing/grunting sound brought on by struggle, generally the face gets really ugly and mean looking too at those times. Other than that, actual screaming is pretty annoying.

At the YMCA I belonged to a few years ago there was a bastard that worked there that we called "the seal." He was a bastard because he was always bitching when we didn't put the clips on the end of the bar-bells for our warm-up sets. He was "the seal" because he let out this stupid seal/otter like bark on every goddam rep with the exception of the absolute LOWEST of weights. It was a VERY loud, VERY sealish sound. He sucked.


Screaming, no. Grunting, yes. Anything high pitched is fucking annoying as hell. If you sound like you just got shot, or like you're about to cum, then shut the fuck up.


I enjoy screaming--oh wait--wrong forum!


Ha ha yeah it was bound to happen!


I remember one of the base gyms had a poster that said,"You must have a minimum of 16-inch arms and no more than 9% bodyfat before you're permitted to scream in a gym. In fact try to keep all unnecessary noise to a minimum." I thought it was kind of funny. I can't stand all the noise myself. It's distracting, in addition to everything else that has been said. Personally I might utter a few grunts, and hard exhalations, but I have never found a reason to bark or yell at lung capacity.


Grunting and low hissing (Like a breath pushed out really hard with teeth gritted) sounds occasionally, screaming and going ape shit is a waste of energy.


Screaming is only allowed if you subsequnetly drop the dumbbells from shoulder heighth. If you can get the dumbbell to snap the handle in half when it hits, then, you sir, are the man.


If you're screaming while benching 600 plus pounds, than by all means, make any noise you need to. But if you're kicking, screaming, grunting, farting, etc. while inching up anything under 200, shut the fuck up.



I am always fascinated when we are getting ready for a meet and I get finished spotting somebody repping 700 plus in the squat, not making any noise other than the clank of the plates and the bar hitting the rack when finished, and look over and see some goofball doing dumbbell presses with the 100's yelling and screaming and throwing them on the ground.

Give me a break.


The only time screaming is allowed is when you don't even know you're doing it. Usually the last rep in heavy deadlift/squats. Even then screaming is overkill very loud grunts are all I exert.


The only time screaming is acceptable is when a limb snaps in half, you tear a large muscle, you get trapped under the bar, or God forbid, you incur a prolapsed rectum on an ATG squat.



Personally I like to let out a good fart before I lift big. It prevents the possibility of a "shart" occuring during the set. But I usually do this very quietly (right next to guys who are doing a set with 65kg dumbbells and screaming).