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Scrawny to Brawny


Hey all, after about a year of unsucessful yo-yoing on typical beginner listen-to-your-friend workout programs, I purchased Berardi's "Scrawny to Brawny" book. I'm about four weeks into his 'anabolic' stage (stage 2) and have gained about 3 lbs of lean mass and a pound or so of fat. So far I'm pretty satisfied with it, although I could clean my diet up slightly.

Has anybody else had noticable success following this program strictly all the way through the four stages? I suspect his nutrition program may be the stronger half of this book, but I'd like some input from others who have actually followed it.


I am currently in phase three os S2B. I love it! I follow the nutritional layout to a T as much as I possibly can. The only thing is I work out in the morning so I make some adjustments to the meal planning on workout days to even it up. I actually gained about 10lbs by the end of phase two, and about 8lbs of it was lean muscle. I've gone from 138lbs at the beginning to 154lbs right now (week two of phase three). Luckily I have not had much fat gain and I'm actually already starting to work off some of what I've gained with the heavy lifting I'm doing. When I began:
I was not a very experienced heavy lifter to say the least. I was used to doing more cross-training, endurance-type exercising like long-distance running. Now here are my new stats:
Just follow what JB says, and you'll realize as you go that he is, indeed a genius! I'm real satisfied with the program already.


how long is phase 2 supposed to be, because I cant find that information in the training section of the book and I cant read the whole thing again at the moment, so does anyone know off the top of their head?


Four weeks.



I'm a WS4SB fan. Worked for me.