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Scrawny To Brawny

I just bought the new scrawny to brawny book by Jonh Beradi and Micheal Mejia. The problem is that my gym doesn’t have a squat rack so I can’t do any squats without using a smith machine. Is it okay just to use leg presses instead? Also can I replace fresh veggies in the diet with frozen ones to save money and time. I’m guessing i can just bung them in a steamer for a few minutes and then treat them as fresh? Cheers.

Leg presses do not compare with squats. Thats like comparing bicycles to motorcycles.

As far as the frozen veggies I would say go for it. I think that frozen veggies are almost the saem as fresh and they are far better then none.

Find a gym with a squat rack because leg press is definitely not the same or you could try Dumbbell squats. You can use frozen veggies in place of fresh veggies.

Maybe barbell hack squats? Or front squats ?

I suppose I could use those, would i just swap say back squats with fronts squats? Wouldn’t the weight be to heavy to hoist up with front squats with weights near 1rm? Thanks in advance.

If you load the bar on a bench rack, zercher squats might be possible.