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Scrawny to Brawny

I just wanted to say that I bought this book and skimmed it and read most of it. It’s a great book! The training program has 4 phases, the first phase is to shore up imbalances and for general fitness, the next phases are size, then strength training, then a final undulating periodized phase for size. It’s made for skinny guys like me because it’s relatively low volume and high intensity, with lots of compound movements. I’m looking forward to trying this program!
For the nutrition section, it’s a lot of John Berardi’s ideas, nothing you can’t find here. But I found it extremely helpful because although I’ve always understood his ideas, I’ve never been able to apply them. Until this book that it. This book is great because it starts you off with a grocery shopping list for a week, then a first couple of meals, and it has sample meal plans. It also gives you the tools to adjust the nutrition as needed. I plan to begin the eating plan this week because it’s all laid out for me.
All in all, this is a great book, and I just wanted to thank John Berardi and Michael Mejia here, and to tell T-nation that it’s definitely worth buying.