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Scrawny to Brawny Vs. WSSB


Im trying to decide on which one of these programs I should start. I am a skinny guy looking to gain some weight, muscle, and strength. My brother suggests that I should do the Westside program but I am looking for more opinions..


WSSB is a program for athletes needing pack on weight and have had a foundational training.

If you're a newb, S2B would be a good option, especially all the correctional phase trainng


Scrawny to Brawny blows (well "phase 1" at least). Especially the 'posture correction' section. I know from personal experience that all the excercises they have in the book to fix the problems relating to the 'pencil test' (a test which tells whether or nor your middle back is weak relative to your chest/lats) don't work. Sure, 'rows' put muscle on your middle back. However the 'rows' in that S2B section are all 'top rows' which work your upper traps. (Seriously, look at the photos of the excercises). Unfornately when I tried S2B I didn't understand the physiology of the back very well and just keep on rowing like they told me to, which put about 4-5 lbs on my traps and created an even bigger imbalance for me to overcome. Argh!

However, JB's nutrition info is dead on.

My two cents.


So, you put 4-5lbs (2kg) on your traps only with that rowing movement in about month or two, however long that correctional phase lasts?

Maybe their info is wrong, I don't have to book so I can't tell, but 4-5lbs on traps, during correctional phase?


Westside is the best but you have to make sure that you understand it completely. It is pretty complex, all parts are equally important and if you don't do it right you won't gain. I have been training westside style for about a year now and all my lifts have gone up tremendously. You should go to Elitefitnesssystems.com and read all the Louie Simmons, and dave tate articles. Then you'll be set.


I'm going to disagree with you on this. I'm finishing up phase four of S2B right now. I've talked with many people who've used it, and nobody said they grew excessively in their lats, but instead sprouted muscle pretty evenly everywhere. That's how my body's progressing. The problem could have simply come from your lack of understanding and loading at the time.
My two cents.