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Scrawny to Brawny Nutrition

I have read the book scrawny to brawny and was doing phase I in an attempt to help correct my muscular/flexibility issues. I have a question about the nutrition though. I was wondering if instead of JB’s recommendations for calories, since I am not an ectomorph they seem a little too high in some instances, I could perhaps use Thib’s carb cycling codex I have been using since last week.

I want to use the carb cylcing to minimize fat gains and am very strict about counting my calories in accordance to the article but was wondering if this would not be compatible with JB’s scrawny to brawny four phase program. Since I am not an ectomorph and since I am primarily just utilizing phase I of the program to correct my problems I was also considering switching over to Eric Cressey’s strength program after Phase I is done.

Is Jb’s program + carb cylcing good for my body type or would I be better off switching to Eric Cressey’s 16 week strength program when finished with JB’s correctional phase. Any advice is welcome…please no flaming.

Here are my pictures, stats and greater context to my situation:

If you’re using it to correct postural issues, I don’t see that it would be a problem to use what diet you like.

From what I understand Maximum Strength (EC’s book) contains many things that would be considered corrective.

EDIT: you already got great advice from Jehovasfitness in the other thread:

[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
If JBs calculator is too high, back off a little. It’s not set in stone but a recommendation.

And don’t be afraid to put on fat, it will limit your progress. Apparently, it has to be said though, just don’t put on a lot of fat in comparison to muscle.