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Scrawny To Brawny, Is It For Me?


Hey Nation,

I bought the book by JB and have read through everything already. I started with the first phase (corrective) after doing the assessment. I have one week left and then can either do the program as listed in the book or try something different.

I have one week left of the corrective phase and want to know if I should just follow the book all the way through or should I just begin a different program. Thoughts??

I figured I would just follow the rest of the 12 week program, but am wondering if the lifting and eating plans they suggest can really be extrapolated to myself since I am not what they would consider an ectomorph.

I am short (5'5") and have never really been super lean. I think the lowest I have been was around 12.5%. I would like to pack on more size, but am worried that the recommendations in the book are not really appropriate for someone like myself. I am currently about 150 with 15-16% BF.


If ur 15-16%, don't go w/ the calorie recommendations in the book. Those recommendations are for "hardgainers" so cals. that high for you will probably lead to more fat gain...and muscle gain. BUT, if YOUR #1 goal is to put on more size, then following those cal. recommendations may work for you. The nutritional info. in the book is great. Follow the principals - nutrient timing etc. but adjust the cal. consumption accordingly.




What about the exercise recommendations?? Are they designed for the hardgainer too?? I was looking at doing some CW program instead. I guess the exercises aren't as important as the kcal though


In his Massive Eating articles Berardi says to modify your diet up and down on a ?biweekly? basis if you are experiencing too much fat gain or too little muscle gain. Where is the problem in spending a few weeks finding your ideal caloric intake. Any damage you can do in a few weeks can be undone in a few weeks. No harm, no foul.


I think you would probably do just fine w/ the program in that book. They make some modifications in lifting technique for those who are ectomorphs (long limbs) so you may not need to modify your form on lifts like the bench/DL. If u don't go w/ that plan, CW has a host of great workouts I'm sure you could see good gains from.