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Scrawny Texas Method Log


Hi my names James and I've decided to start a training log to motivate myself more and to get tips of more experienced lifters. There's nobody really in my gym doing strength training.
My goals are simply to keep putting on muscle mass and increase strength, I really want to hit a 1.5xBW bench press and 2xBW squat and maybe a 2.5 deadlift but that might further a long the road.

My stats are:

Height: 5'6

weight: 57.5

age: 24

Squat: 95

bench: 65

deadlift: 110

press: 45

I recently finished the stronglift 5x5 program getting up to a 1.5 body-weight squat for full 5x5 and now I have decided to move onto the texas method for a new experience. I was originally thinking of doing 3x5 and then 1x5 but the lifts had started to get a bit monotonous

First session went as follows

squat 5x5 70kg

bench 5x5 45kg

deadlift 2x5 80kg

dips 3x15 body-weight

DB bench 16kg 8 8 8

I was lifting lighter than I should have probably started off with but this was due to a few reasons. 1st i had been abroad for a few weeks and was doing quite the opposite of training. 2nd I did want to start off too heavy in case it gets too hard too quickly so just to ease myself in. 3rd there is a heatwave in Ireland for the first time and the gym has no air conditioning so it felt like a lot more work, I am either going to go the gym at night or early in the morning because 2pm was not fun.

Nearly forgot the program does say to do 1x5 deadlift but I felt good after the first so gave it another shot.


Light day

back squat: 55 2x5

press: 35 3x5

back extensions 5x10

Chin ups 8 10 7

DB curls 10 3x8

I also cycled to the gym today, turned out, it wasn’t the best idea, I had to cycle 10km against the wind but luckily it was the recovery day so all is well. Feeling it now though.
Not too sure about the back extensions part of the workout, was really easy as I’m so light so I might grab a 5kg weight next time. I plan on changing the back squat to front squats 3x3 once I learn the technique correctly.

Chuffed I was able to do chin ups with no pain in my left shoulder, I had to cut out doing pull-ups completely during the 5x5 so hopefully that injury has healed only time will tell.


intense day

Squat 77.5 1x5
80.5 1x5

Bench 50 1x4

  50 1x5

BO row 52.5 5x5

Single arm rows 24 8 8 8

The squat felt a bit light for the 77.5 so felt decided to try do 80 and that felt good too. This workout is a lot different to waht I’m use to as there isn’t much in it except warm up sets. In the next few weeks however I’m sure the intensity will rise as I’m lifting PRS just didnt want to start too heavy in case I plateau early. Also I’m only learning to power clean correctly at the moment so until I have got that technique down I’ll just keep doing bent over rows. I’m wondering what other exercises I should do on this day, tempted to do deadlifts as well until i start power cleaning, does anyone have suggestions?