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Scrawny Arms


Hey Guys,
I've been on a cutting diet for awhile and I've made pretty good results. However, during the course of cutting, I lost a lot of my arm mass while preserving most of my chest/back mass. In fact, it feels as if my chest/back are a little too big while my arms are way to small. Since I'm at about 12% body fat, I don't really want to gain any more flab but want to gain size on my arms/shoulders while keeping the chest/back the same size, though I wouldn't mind/care if I lost some of their size. Is this possible or am I just going to have to bulk (gain some flab) to gain mass on my arms and shoulders?


Stop training chest/back and some of the muscle will migrate to your arms.


I'd try a routine like this:

Monday - Arms
Tuesday - Arms
Wednesday - Arms
Thursday - Arms
Friday - Arms
Saturday - Abz & Cardio
Sunday - Off


Yes, you might have to gain some flab, but how much depends on a shitload of factors.

In short you will need to start eating enough to support growth, while training your arms (duh.)

A picture and measurements would be helpful in determining whether your arms are truly "scrawny" compared to the rest of you, or whether you need to just gain more size all over.


X2. Everyone and their mother who lifts weights wants bigger arms. I'd be willing to bet they match your body just fine.


Does hanging upside down for half an hour or so every day help?


I don't understand how you lost most of the muscle on your arms yet managed to keep a lot on your chest and back. Naturally you probably had shitty arms to begin with and cutting just magnified this.

Part that you might not like for you is you're going to have to hit these arms hard while you eat to gain overall size. Gain a good 20-30 lbs overall while hitting your arms hard hell with a few key exercises you can remember week to week..


Yes....and so do vaginal cleansers. That's right, those items guys like to avoid are actually FILLED with muscle building anabolic properties that it took decades for us to figure out. One taken orally a day should be enough until you get past 240lbs. After that, double the dose.


I thought I had genetically scrawny arms, and while genetics were partly an issue, I just wasn't focusing on progressing strength wise on arm exercises like I was with chest,legs,back.

Start curling 135 for reps and close gripping 315 and genetics be damned your arms will start looking better.





Exactly... A lot of people on here seem to completely forget about that part and then complain when curling the 15's for 40 reps per set doesn't get them bigger.


I would not call losing your arms "pretty good results". You probably should not cut until you actually build some muscle. For a while.


There's always the possibility that your arms weren't as big as you thought they were (fat?). Of course some people naturally have larger torsos than arms, but the difference is usually so minute than unless you're on a pro stage, no one will ever notice.