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Scratch or Sniff

While sitting here, in my semi-comfortable computer chair with fun wheels, it occured to me to ponder the following item: When I read the forum, how much percentage of the time do I spend scrathcing and/or readjusting myself as compared to creating a gasateria for a 5-8 sq.ft. radius?

I’ve come to the tentative hypothesis that, given an average day of esentially “safe” foods, I have about a 76/34 split of manhanding to chairfrying. Please, share your collective data.

MBE: “What’s yor MAX stench?!”

I’m not sure, but I’ve had the hiccups for about 15 minutes now. Stupid Guinness.

I normally don’t post on OT, but simply look at the title of the post. How can one resist?

When deciding on a ratio, I point to at least one variable that I also consider when designing my diet: lifting or non-lifting day? See, lately my post-workout shower has been occurring about two hours post-workout. This is because my new program has been beating the hell out of me so bad, that all I can do is stumble into my computer chair and post on this website once I get home. Because of this lack of prompt showering, the lifting day scratch to sniff ratio is probably closer to 80:20. Non-lifting days, on the other hand, see a lot of food put away, and less sweating without showering. I would say it is closer to 60:40 on these days.

My conclusion? This is the most time I have ever wasted posting on any T-Mag forum. Thank you, MBE. May you stinkify yourself so bad tonight that it makes your skin peel.

poliquins diet makes me so shitfilled. ive clogged my gym toilet 3 times. and yes, what male in their right mind doesnt have a hand on their balls at least 6 hours out of the day?