Scrambled Eggs SOS

When I cook scrambled eggs they end up feeling like rubber in my mouth and not tasting great. Since I’ve just begun University, and money is short, i’m looking for some cheap sources of protein, and eggs are near the top of my list. I’ve tried them with mustard, pepper + salt but nothing seems to work. Anyone got any suggestions?

Mustard on eggs?!?!? Oh my god that is gross. Here’s what I do, when you put the eggs in a bowl add some hot sauce and steak seasoning (the orange powdered salty stuff), then scramble and cook.

Sounds like you’re just overcooking them. Use a little butter flavored Pam too.

Add about 2 tablespoons of skim milk to the mixture before you throw it in the pan. It may help.

Um, Ketchup? I can eat 6-8 eggs in one sitting by using a packet of ketchup. OTOH, if I fry them, a little bit of cheese goes a long way.

Ya, you might be overcooking them. I like mine a tad runny still. Pretty much as soon as the egg is no longer liquid form, I am done cooking them.

Also, try adding a little milk to them before cooking them.

Mix some cheese, tuna…yummy. U might be over cookin them a bit, but if U want’em real fluffy add a little milk in it.

Definitely overcooking them. But, mustard?! Aye carumba!

Turn down the heat. BTW last night I had a fried egg sandwich with lots of mustard on it. My mouth is watering just remembering it. I’m on my way to the kitchen now…

You are over cooking them. Whisk in a little milk before you cook them (this will add a little more moisture to them, and make them more fluffy), and cook them till the are almost but not quite dry. . Also a little fat in the pan (even if its non-stick) will help also. I use olive oil at home. As far as flavoring them, I like to put salsa on my eggs. Hot sauce is a cheap alternative, or even ketchup.

Try a little salsa. I usually have them with one slice of bacon, for flavor, and some baked beans, with salsa on them as well.

I cook mine in olive oil.

But salsa imo is the best way to go. I never even really liked salsa that much till I started putting them on my eggs

I always cook my egg whites in a microwave. Just wisk them up (with some milk if you want) and cook them for about 30seconds per egg. If you’re using a lot of eggs wisk them again half way. I love them with cottage cheese, salsa or both. Canned tuna with cottage cheese is another good one!

Try using a Microwave, lining the dish,(A ceral
bowl will work with butter, just rub some in the bown before adding the eggs)For about 2 minutes, use a little hot sauce or ketchup to
flavor the eggs. Remove a little early to check
on consitancy so they won’t get hard and taste
like rubber bands!

to egghead: being a true blue iron head and chef , I can offer some egg cookery advice. First use only fresh eggs in the shell, mix them up only slightly just until you break the yolk and mix it with the white. Secondly, add about a half shot glass (about 2 Tablespoons) of fat free milk for every 2 or 3 eggs and mix in slightly. Lastly cook the eggs over medium low heat just until the are set as hard as you like them. Dats it. Salt and pepper the eggs after cooking. Over mixing and over cooking over high heat make rubbery eggs. The fat free milk will keep them tender, but DON’T add water. Water mkes eggs toughen when cooked. Have fun and stay strong!

Yes, I found that egg whites are great with Salsa and little pepper. If you are going top eventually have a girlfriend…you better hone in on the cooking skills. Oh yea, don’t forget to hit the books.

cook them on as low as heat as possible it keeps them fluffy

Put some pieces of ham in the frying pan for about a minute, then add the egg over top, and mix it all together. It is so good. Baccon would probably work too.

I almost forgot keeping the heat low is not as important as keeping the eggs moving. Use a rubber spatula and continuously stir and scrape the sides and bottom of the pan. And water does not make your eggs tough, if that were the case then skim milk would do the same. In fact if you do not have milk, whisking in a little water will help make them fluffier.

Take some bacon or sausage, or a combination thereof and cook it up in a frying pan over medium heat… doesn’t have to be a lot, just enough to add flavor. When it’s done break up the bacon, then add half a chopped up green pepper and half a chopped up onion. Cook a few minutes more til the green pepper and onion are tender, then add half a chopped up tomato (be sure to squeeze the seeds out before you chop it up and add it). Whisk up some eggs and add them to the pan along with a little cheese. Stir gently just til the eggs are cooked, then spoon out. I had this just now, and it’s great.