Scrag Fight

After recently moving Down Under, I have taken quite a liking to the sport of Aussie Rules Football. It’s extremely skillful and physical.

Anyway, there is this show over here called “The Footy Show” and they do a segment called street talk. Basically Sam Newman goes out and finds the biggest ferals in a particular area of the country and talks footy with them.

Last weeks was especially good with a scrag fight breaking out. It starts at about 3.30 on the video and they play snippets of it for the duration of the video.

Well worth a look…

I saw that… funny shit.

I wonder why they don’t employ the “Hair-Pull n’ uppercut” technique in the UFC.

Lol I dated an Assuie during football season here and I just couldn’t handle her calling it footy. However, if the rest of the women from there are anything like her… you lucky bastards you.