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SCOTUS Strikes Down Part of Voting Rights Act


This is huge.

Now the evil 9 southern states can require ID's to vote.


Wait. So leftists are pissed off that the Supreme Court isn't sticking to "policies of the past?" LOLOLOL

Via RB Pundit on Twitter


Expect an XO from Barry before November 2014 fixing the 'mistake' of the SCOTUS.


You have to love the Left on this, they praised SCOTUS when they passed Obamacare.

Now, they are activist judges with this ruling.


To be fair - I think the same way only polar opposite wrt how SCOTUS ruled.

Seems to me that the last couple of SCOTUS sessions have been all over the place, and it's not the "moderate" justices that are flip-flopping.

Take the 5th Amendment case for example: Thomas and (iirc) Scalia both sided with LE's position that once you pierce the 5th Amendment protection, body movements, or a lack of an answer is an answer.

Tangentially, I think this decision supports Rep. Issa's position wrt the IRS lady who spoke ad nauseum then invoked the 5th.

Then Court turns around and strikes down parts of the VRA.

Compare that with the 7-1 decision to send the AA case back to the District Court.

All of that was just this session. Throw in all the BS from the last couple of years - and it's as if SCOTUS has a cumulative case of legal ADHD.

Then again - I wonder how much bargaining/politicking goes on to reach some of these decisions.


And the left, the true racists, come out in true colors...


Lol he didn't know it was offensive. So, he is just absolutely fucking stupid then. Brilliant like the rest of the reps.


Yeah, Neither the left nor the right owns the sole rights to stupidity, but today, it is a Democrat taking home the prize.


Rep Winkler skipped right over the Chris Matthews dog-whistle, and went full-on racial epithet for his opening salvo.

Ha. Winkler - an elitist, progressive, pasty, white, Anglo-saxan - proceeds to tell a black man how to act black.

I love twitchy.


Add Joss Whedon to the "I'm a white guy that knows how black people should think, and I'll be kind enough to tell you how they have to think" crowd.

Fucking racists pigs, that's two...


They've always been activist judges, on both side of the spectrum. Bush v Gore essentially proved this is the case for both liberal and conservative judges.


I seem to remember that Judge Thomas studied law before there even was affirmative action.

In that is correct there would be no irony there whatsoever?


Clarence Thomas got into Yale when it had an aggressive affirmative action program. He now claims this hurt him and devalued his Yale degree because everyone assumed he got in based on preferences. I don't know whether he would have got in absent an aggressive AA program or not, but other black classmates apparently disagree with his assessment.