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I have just began my trt journey. I am 38 years old I have been training on and off for about 15 years and I am currently around 225 at 20% bf. Last fall I were down to closer to 14 ish but I got hurt and it took me off my feet for about a month and it were another month before I could get back to the gym.

In years past I experimented with steroids and made some obvious mistakes ie I have some gyno lumps in my right pec. My first cycle were 250 sus every week for 1 month (yes I know) but interestingly enough, that “cycle” I felt like a new person, even know I didnt run it anywhere long enough or know anything about what I were doing etc etc the results were still like magic for me.

I probably did 3 or 4 more cycles each with much more care and understanding but all in all terrible really.

I have not done any steroids in over 8 years however a year or so ago I realized that my test was in the crapper. I experimented with 25 mg clomid everyday for about 6 weeks and all in all felt pretty great. For me when I get my test pushed up I feel as though I am on speed, not jittery but just very much alive and hyper feeling.

Since getting hurt and returning to the gym my cardio has been horrible, Im weak as a 10 year old girl, I hurt all over, and I cannot seem to generate any explosive power, its as if someone turned the gas off. I were listening to a podcast where the guest was a dr.Mark Gordon who specializes hormones but particularly the effects of head trauma on hormone balance.

When I were a child, I had probably 5-8 legit concussions (vomiting memory issues etc) and were always super skinny kid, not very athletic, super high anxiety etc. So, this got the wheels spinning on getting things checked out.

I started courting some trt clinics and instead of paying any of them anything, I got a physical, went and had blood drawn for a complete panel yesterday and will go from there. I havent felt comfortable with writing down my CC # and releasing it to an unknown, that just seems weird, and not smart.

I feel down,sluggish, and Im self employed at home and even know I am in a very competitive biz, im comfortable with just hanging out and cringe when the phone rings. I train at one of the best xfit gym in the south east with tons of great people and excellent coaches, and I almost cant bring myself to go as of late. It is so painful and soul crushing, that I dont even want to show up.

I really want to feel like a strong hyperactive go getter again. Its weird that when you know youre doing everything wrong and continue to do it anyway as if thats actually a plan.

When I have my actual labs in I will post them up.

Edit: add in the other particulars

-age 38
-height 6’2
-waist 38"
-weight 225
-describe body and facial hair; dark course and rapid growing
-describe where you carry fat and how changed; Gut and lower back
-health conditions, symptoms [history] Lethargic, slow recovery, poor cardio, terrible stamina, muscle pains

-describe diet; I mostly eat paleo and eat pretty clean 70% of the time. The other time I will go on sugar binges that i know are crazy.
-describe training: Currently training corssfit 3x/wk
-testes ache, ever; with a fever? Any time I get the flu or a cold my balls ache first.
-how have morning wood and nocturnal erections changed; Been mostly none in the last couple months. I can get hard but im not exactly into it.

Ok got my labs today but unfortunately im traveling and wont be able to post the full report but 4 things that scared me;

  1. Tt 262 350/1200 Tf 6 12/26
  2. Tsh .4 41. .45/4.5
  3. Total lipid 249
  4. Blood glucose 97

I will post the full details when i get to the hotel. Im shocked about my cholesterol and my bg, that scares the crap out of me. On the good side i obviously need some test intervention. I cant wait to feel better and drop this gut

tsh .441 (.450-4.5 uiu/ml)
t4 7.9 (4.5 12 ug/dl)
t3 uptake 33 (24-39%)
free thyroxine index 2.6 (1.2-4.9)

Test serum 292 (348-1197 ng/dl)
free test direct 6.9 (8.7-25.1)

estradiol sensitive 12 (3-70 pg/ml)

So those are the exact numbers I have. I realize (cause I saw the sticky on what to get after I went) that this panel is missing a lot of info. What is my next best step? Should I just go with one of the trt clinics or something else?

Anyone know of an excellent Dr in North West fl? Otherwise i’ll just use the trt clinic and monitor it myself, which just seems to be the case regardless.


would also be important to know

I may have to get mpre blood to get a complete profile. As far as test and est this is all i have