Scotty K's Power Log

Long story short I have been away from T-Nation for a bit but have still been lifting. Most recently I totaled 1405 at 283 then 7 months later 1444 at 273 in the usapl. I am currently doing a congagute method program to bring up the weaknesses I developed. The next meet in mind is a USPA meet in March that can qualify me for the IPL Worlds in Vegas if I total 1438 at 275. Obviously I’m going for 1500 since I totaled mid-1400’s

Dynamic Lower (3rd week in)
305+light band 10x3
Speed pulls 8x1 335+2 sets of chain
GHR 4x6
Reverse Hyper 50 reps 2 plates as few sets as possible

Vid of deads

Forgot how to do vids for a second

Extra Work
Oly Squat 155x40 reps in as few sets as possible
Planks, side bends

I like to do light squats the day after squat work if I feel not beat up. Its done at 30% so it really just gets the blood moving and I use oly squats because it doesnt fry my hips.