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Scott's Log

My log will be starting as of 6/2/2008. I was required to take a full year off of wrestling and so my focus will be on conditioning. I’ll be able to wrestle again in October and I’d like to be in as good of conditioning as possible when that comes. Most of my training will be based on Ross Enamait’s book “Never Gymless” with some weightlifting and bouldering added in.

6/2/2008…today I did a quick conditioning drill. 25 repetition roulette (basically you take a weight, clean and press it, then do a lunge with each leg, repeat 25 times) for the weight I used my wmd bag, took me 5 minutes and 20 seconds, next I did 3x10 pull ups, finally I did a quick core session (30 v ups, 30 twists, 60 supermans, 30 bjj guard leg lifts) my current weight is 185

6/3/08…over head squat 3x8x95, bench press 3x8x155,185(only got 4), 170, bent over row 3x8x170