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Scottish Highland Games

Any one into the Scottish Highland games?
Also any one from Souther CA here?

Haven’t been to a Scottish Games yet, looks like a good time though. Where in So cal are you ? I’m up in SLO

Im actually competing in one on Mar 31, but I’m located in Tampa, FL.

I live in Ventura County near LA. I hae a comp comming up soon as well, good luck to you in Tampa, FL.

Where’s the comp? I might be interested in going.

theres one in Bakers Field March 31st, then May 29th is the USS games in Pomona May 29th weekend.

Yeah, I’ll be throwing in the March 24th Highland Games here in OKC, then at Scarborough, then at Odessa, then at Arlington, then in Colorado, then in Tulsa.

I think those are all the ones I’m hitting this year. June will mark my 2nd year throwing competitively.

It’s a great sport with great athletes.

Yeah i’m doing my first one in sept. this year in Va., I started traing this week for it, but the real test will come in actually doing it!

Dan John does these as well might drop him line in his locker room.

Id love to do one if I can get healed up. I loaded for the Pros in Richmond was a Blast


I’d definitely like to do a Scottish games and a strongman meet. In due time though… gotta get my elite first. How did you all get started in it?

For me, I just was working out in a San Diego gym one night and a large scary guy came up to me and ask if I wanted to try out the games, so I did and now I’m living in Ventura county ( about 3 hours north of SD) and I’ve been loving the games ever since.

There great, what other sport can you start drinking scotch and beer at 7 AM wear a kilt and throw heavy stuff?
Plus chicks dig big guys in a kilt!

If any one is in CA around Ventura hit me up I have all the equipment to practic/ Start with. I’ll be happy to train.

Just competed in my first Scottish games this past weekend and I loved it! Placed third in the stone put and sixth overall out of twelve. Not bad for my first competition. I plan on getting more serious about it, Go Campbell Clan!

Congrats, can’t complain about that. Do alot of explosion lifts (Cleans, Snatches, squats, and deads)

when would the next one be?

[quote]kiltedsyco wrote:
Congrats, can’t complain about that. Do alot of explosion lifts (Cleans, Snatches, squats, and deads)

when would the next one be?[/quote]

Yea as a matter of fact I mostly do power cleans, dead lifts, barbell push-presses, single-handed dumb bell push-presses and squats. The next event that I will most likely attend will be May 5. The guy that I will be training with is on the USA team for Scottish Heavy Athletics. This is his web site: