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Scottish Gun Control is a Success


I think I can get behind this sort of gun control:



I have always maintained that gun control was trigger control, breathing, holding steady, and knowing how your weapon hits. He's a great example of all of those.


Alternative Headline:

"Scottish sniper thug reduces productivity and livelihood of Afghans in Afghanistan."

In other words this changes nothing and someone else will just take this lords place -- which in the end keeps justifying more state thuggery.

Yea, "we know what's best for you" democracy!!!

Borrat, I never would have guessed you for a busybody.


This is funny to me, as I watched "Shooter" last night. I bet that sniper rifle is a beautiful thing.


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Shooter should be watched weekly. i have it on bluray, but it seems like it's on the pay channels every week. Now that it's hit TNT, we're in the money.


A side bonus to Shooter being a badass movie, was looking at Rhona Mitra. She is delicious.


My avatar agrees.


"I am a US Senator!"

"Exactly." boom

I wonder if this sniper will need to come home and practice on the Afghans of Scotland?


That was a great line. I'm happy they had the swapped firing pin thing in the movie. Being a huge Stephen Hunter fan, I wished for a six hour movie with the lead played by Sam Elliot from 25 years ago, but I knew that was not possible. I'll take what I get here. No Sam as the lawyer and Memphis' boss being sort of normal was a downer for me, but you have to make concessions.


Mark Walberg was a great pic for this movie and role, I think he would have been better than Matt Damon as a Jason Bourne personally.


He did fine and I accepted it, but the Swagger character was from Arkansas and and Ex Vietnam vet. He was described as a little taller and maybe leaner. I think Elliot or Selleck would ahve been better if they made it sooner where you could have the Ex Vietnam angle.

He was fine with the update. I think he's a pretty good actor overall. I'm just one of those book weenies who like the book.


Yes, I know it's bad to rejoice at someone's death, but that's an amazing story, and I'm glad he got the guy.


Hurray, one more Afghani businessman dead.

That will teach them to do business instead of killing occupiers.

Maybe next in line is bombing some schools in order to further literacy?


It's okay. :slight_smile:


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I'm afraid that the Taliban (that Pashtun political expression begun circa the late 1980s that you blame on the United States) is the one deliberately bombing schools - mostly girl schools.


But this was about killing a "drug lord". Surely this drug lord is not part of the Taliban since drugs are forbidden by Allah and the Taliban profess only to follow the word of Allah...?

This drug lord provided a higher quality of life for people living in Afghanistan than democracy ever will.

But let us rejoice at the spilling of an other man's blood because he chose a trade that is supposed to be despicable to us.


What is the range on that beast? How far can it shoot? I am assuming it is a single shot bolt action yes?