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Scott Wright/CNP 12 Week Transformation

Just read this as an advert in a magazine. Scott Wright is a soap actor here in the UK and this is his ‘12 week’ transformation/advert for CNP products. Seemingly he went from chubby to stage/competition ready in 12 weeks, which I am skeptical about. But then again who am I to doubt his hard work.


Measuremnts were:

Weight: 14.2st
Body fat 25%
Waist 36.5’’
Biceps 14.5’’
Chest 42’’
Quads 22’’

Weight: 12.2st
Body fat 6%
Waist 29’’
Biceps 17’’
Chest 45’’
Quads 25’’

This lists his diet however seems to be far too many supplements in there to be sustainable and seems he is only having 1 or 2 actual meals a day (porridge and traditional bodybuilder meal chicken/fish/turkey.

His split is also listed.

Any thoughts on this? Definietly seems like some awesome work for just 3 months…

2 1/2 " gain on biceps in 12 weeks while losing weight? Yeah, I think you can call BS on this one.

Yeah that has got to be a typo…

25% to 6%

And adding 3" inches to legs

Man, if that guy was at 25% my shit is really embarrassing.

if that before picture is 25% BF then i must be something like 35% BF, and i have a size 31 inch waist at BW of 225 lbs so i’m confused