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Scott Van Pelt


... is an idiot. I really can't stand this guy. I watch the same episode of Sportscenter about 4 times a day and that means I have to see this guy argue his, more often than not, retarded opinions and points of view with some other dude who never really seems to compete with him. The Budweiser HotSeat is a stupid concept to begin with and I think it's just an excuse for Scott to sit there and seem like a sports expert.

He's good for basketball but when he argues for football or baseball he sounds like a 12 year old on a web forum. Anybody feel the same?


And Scott Van Pelt is the idiot?



First of all, it's Sportcenter. Why are they arguing?

Second of all, what Dollarbill44 kind of said... Why the hell are you watching 1 episode of a TV show 4 times and then calling someone on that show an idiot?

That'd be like watching all the soaps you can everyday and then saying, "Soaps are so stupid."


I don't really watch it but I keep ESPN on a few hours at a time when I'm runnin around the dorm. I love SportsCenter but it's that one guy that irks me. After a while I can just channel him out and not pay attention, but I get my daily dose of stupid from him. Just venting.


The real idiot is Stuart Scott. Why the fuck does he feel the need to slang up every word he say's. He sounds like a complete wannabe hardass jerkoff.


I agree. These guys tend to make a name for themselves with signature phrases or mannerisms, like Chris Berman and his nicknames. Then, they take it too far and it just comes off as awkward, as if they are trying too hard. Berman never forces it though, so it still works. When guys get to the point where Stuart is, it's time to move on, like Olbermann, Mayne, etc.

One note, I can't get enough of Linda Cohn. There's something about her that makes me feel like I'm climbing the ropes in gym class again.



My favorite combination used to be Rich Eisen and Stuart Scott. I agree however, that Stuart Scott has gotten a bit old and flat in his routine.


I'm pretty sure it's Van Pelt who's got the "get to the choppah!" thing down so he's fine in my book.

Back in the day, Eisen and Kilborn were always top notch.


Hey man, take it easy, he's cooler than the other side of the pillow.


ESPN is almost unwatchable.


Keith Olbermann was saying that long before Stuart Scott.

I don't even have cable anymore, so I don't know many of the newer guys. The older crew seemed much more entertaining without getting in the way of the show. Dan Patrick, Olbermann, Kilbourn. I even liked the Rich Eisen and Stuart Scott combo. I used to really like Kenny Mayne, but he went downhill fast. I think he needed Dan Patrick for his personality to work.

I haven't watched Sportcenter in a couple years now, so I don't even know who's still around.


Interesting. Never really looked at her that way.

Erin Andrews on the other hand......drool


Yeah, SVP is ok, he gives his opinion too much when doing SportsCenter, when all he should be doing is recapping the sports day.

Neil Everett is my favorite, he's pretty funny.

I've read so many articles about Stuart Scott and his style, half the people like the 'street talk' and half the people say that is very unprofessional to talk like that on national TV.

I read a survey a few years ago that asked if all SportsCenter anchors were on an island, who would stay and who would go. Stuart Scott was the first anchor voted off the island, but he was second in voting behind Dan Patrick for anchors that should stay. It's definitely 50/50.


Best sign ever caught on a television screen.

" I want to bohn Linda Cohn"


What are some opinions on talk radio? I listen to Jim Rome and Dan Patrick every once in a while. The radio shows are okay but they're like three hours long and they often beat subjects to death and then some. But then there are some idiot callers who can add entertainment value to the programs. It just depends on the day I guess.


I agree. I used to LOVE ESPN growing up, but now I rarely watch it. It's way too focused on entertainment and former players making predictions on games. What really burns me is that the day after any big sporting event (World Series, Super Bowl), they start predicting who's going to win NEXT YEAR! Why do we need this? Would it kill them to actually live in the moment instead of always coming up with lame crap like that?

I still like PTI, but I can do without all the copycat shows.

As to the question on talk radio, I'll listen to Jim Rome when I get a chance. He's got some good takes on things, but he does have a tendency to talk too long on certain topics. His interviews are usually pretty good, though.


I like PTI, Around The Horn, and Rome. I am getting tired of SC. It's like the 24 hour news cycle has caught up with sports, and there is nothing new to report after you do the game wrap ups.

Whats with all the damn women hosts/sideline personnel, though?

Not trying to be sexist - but is there no male sanctuary any more besides titty bars?


Jim Rome is Mr. Dead Air. Does he do that just to fill three hours?


They have chicks in those too (outside of Texas).


The chicks that hang out in the titty bars don't bother me nearly as badly as the skanks on ESPN.