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Scott Stapp (ex Creed) Wasted On TV



The guy is COMPLETELY shitfaced.

"I met Bono once...he was an asshole!"



Geez, and I was hoping this waste of momma's good cookin' would eventually dissapear into drug-addled obscurity, but, lo and behold, here he is.

The most pathetic thing to happen to rock music since...well...

--->Creed also sucked.


I also read an article recently about how he started a fight with the band 311.



Yeah, and got his ass beat!


The funniest part of the whole bit was the little trivia game the creator's probably made up in the middle of the taping to really up the laugh factor.

Why would you get that wasted before going on TV, Spike TV no less?

Creed was one of the worst bands of the nineties.