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Scott k's Powerlifting Log

Im breaking down and doing this log thing mostly to be able to see where I f@#$ up or where I improve rather than just doing by feel. I just competed in my first competition at the USAPL Maryland. I totaled 1223 raw with a 418.5 squat, 297.5 bench, and 507 deadlift. I weighed 251 lbs cus I didnt feel like cutting weight (too much to worry about)

ok so Im taking the rest of this week to recover and then back to it. I follow 5/3/1 and just choose assistance exercises that seem to work for me.

My goals are to push my total as far as humanly possible. I will not stop until I get an elite total. Also I have only been lifting for powerlifing for just 1 year so I am a new lifter as far as that goes, so critisim is welcome on form and other things.

below are my final attempts at the md.

or when I can get them to work…



lower deload/speed

I know 5/3/1 doesnt really incoperate speed but I do on my deload days. It has helped me a little so far.

Squat- 225 6x2 (box was missing so I just paused in the hole)
deads- 275 with light bands for 6 singles

split squats 3 sets of 10 per leg
ab wheel roll outs- whatever I could stand lost track

Hey man good to see you keeping a log here. I’ll be followin’ along.

Good shit, I am about to do my first meet as well, USAPL in Downingtown on the 7th.

yea scj119 ill be following urs as well bro, good luck fearfactory once you get the first squat in you feel much better

Bench Day Deload

First off its awful hard to deload after a meet when you are ready to kill it. But I sucked it up with a little more speed work. Will be starting my regular stuff Sunday.

Speed Bench
185x3 for 5 sets

JM Press
5 sets 3 of which at 95lbs for 10 reps and the last 2 sets at 115 for 8 reps. (my first time doing these want to see the carry over if I do these everytime I bench and improve this lift.)

pendelay rows 4 sets of 8 with 185 lbs

face pulls 100 reps over 5 sets

some curls for girls doesnt matter sets or reps

I have been eating not like a teen age chick who just had a break up since the meet so im down 2lbs already. Will get back to getting fat later next week.

Squat day

Im using the 5/3/1 2nd option for the percentages.


good mornings 3 sets of 10 with 135lbs

standing abs sets of 15

today felt good, could have done maybe 9 reps but decided to leave a few in the tank and try to go bigger as I get to my 5/3/1 week. Diet is slightly better than horrible but im getting my protein in. March 31st may be a meet for the USAPL in Columbia MD. If im confident I have a shot at 1300 I will do it. I feel my last meet I left a bit in the tank so it may be attainable.

Eating the rich!

Bench Day


JM Press
1 set of 10 at 115 and 2 sets of 8 with 135

T-Bar row
3 45lb plates for 4 sets of 10

side laterals
25lbs for 3 sets of 15

Crowded gym, couldnt get a bar to do rows with so settled for t-bar. Of the 4 bench presses in the gym 2 were being used for skull crushers…I just shake my head at that stuff I thought they made the moveable benches for that. Skull crushers…


Deadlift day


4 sets of 10

reverse hyper
2 plates each side for 10 reps-3 sets

decline abs 3 sets of a bunch

Felt tired prolly from the adult beverages I consumed the night before. Now on to taco night at my girls house!

Overhead Press Day

Overhead press

Dumbbell bench press palms in
55’s x15
75’s x10
85’s x8

Kroc rows
85 x 15
95 x 10
105 x 10

pull ups (assisted cus I suck at these)

4 sets of 6 various grips

a little sore and a little tired as to be suspected my first week back training. Cant wait to start hitting some rep pr’s soon.

Ball so Hard!

Squat Day

I forgot to mention that on squat days I usually start out with box jumps. Im not sure the height of the box but its like waist high and im 6’3"ish.

355x5 (rep pr for me considering my old training max was 365)


Split squat
3 sets of 12

abs- sit ups and plank holds

My family got me tons of Peanut Butter cups for christmas I am sure I will get the Beatus

[quote]scottkoscielniak wrote:

My family got me tons of Peanut Butter cups for christmas I am sure I will get the Beatus[/quote]

Awesome gift!

I’m impressed you managed to get back into the gym the week after your meet, even if just for a deload…I just sat around and ate oreos for the two weeks or so after my last one…it was a great two weeks!

I’m impressed you can do 4x10 for GHR…I cheat like a motherfucker and can only get about 8 or so at a time for my first set, and it drops off considerably after that…

That does sound like the ideal 2 weeks after I should have taken. I was anxious as hell to get back in the gym and get better. I cant shut that thing off in my brain that says just relax and reset. Those GHR’s gave me a fit when I first started but I just stayed with it each training cycle.

Although now that im fatter its giving me a fit again, I got freakin 4 packages of like 12 peanut butter cups and I finshed 2 of them already. Ill be in the 308’s in no time if I keep this crap up.

Bench Day

250x5 (2 rep pr)

bent over row

jm press

face pull
4 sets of 25 with 50lbs on the stack

my t-shirt was tight on me today so I probably got carry-over which set my pr…at least thats what im going with

I’ve never tried JM presses. Are you using them to help your bench, or is it more for size/hypertrophy type accessory?

to help the bench. Its starting to bother my elbow though so I may have to either stop doing them or use lighter weight and more reps. truth be told I just started them because I sucked at them. Figured if I got stronger at it maybe it will bring my tricep strength up which should bring my bench up.



2x8 bw
1x5 with 16lb kettle bell

Expensive pull throughs (kettlebell swings)
40 reps…

30 reps with a moderate weights

decline sit ups

once again peer pressure makes me consume some “pepsi’s” the night before. That coupled with the art of karaoke I dragged ass in the gym but got it done.

Alcoholin’ Ass!!!