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Scott Adkins...Undisputed III


Pretty cool video of Scott Adkins(Yuri Boyka in Undisputed II) starting his training for Undisputed III. He also did the "Weapon XI" fight scenes at end of Wolverine movie. Keep in mind that this guy is an actor....not an aspiring mixed martial artists.

Xen,where ever you may be....your boy Lateef Crowder is supposedly cast in Undisputed III.

These guys are the new wave of martial arts action stars......with less cheese.


Fucking Scott Adkins is a badass. I watched Undisputed II and kept telling people they HAVE to see. that is how you design fight scenes imo. Awesome stuff. And yea i could see his 'style in the weapon xi scenes in xmen now that you mention it.

Shit man, he trains better than most people i know and like you said this is just for a movie haha. I haven't spoken to lateef in a whilllllllleeeeee... time for an email i suppose. thanks for the heads up!

i vote scott adkins for whatever next marvel superhero you want him as


Cool vid, man. Guy definitely busts his ass in the gym. I have yet to see Undisputed II, but now I'm going to have to go out and rent it.


Hell yes....I was little disappointed in how they,imo,wasted him in Wolverine. I don't know what Marvel character he should play....I'll have to summon my inner geek and I bet I could come up with a list. I'm still dreaming over a Tekken movie with him and Lateef.

Another thing is the fact Scott(and Lateef) is not a "small" guy per say. He's not hyugge,but its amazing how people are "awwed" by the fact he can performance high performance kicks and flips with those "bulky muscles"..lol. He's fairly tall,too...at least he seems to be.

I expect big things from this guy. This is not a man-crush,is it??


Yea exactly they defy the stereotype that you can't be buff and fucking acrobatic. Lateef is my height (5'10) and Scott is 5'11, so not "small" (as in gymnast small being 5'4ish). Thought they're not exceptionally tall. Both of them are pretty damn diesel regardless of height. Crazy to think he was like 215-220 doing the shit he was doing in Unidisputed 2

Its ok. it's a man crush. I think he just replaced my undying devotion for christian bale LOL



Found clip of Weapon XI fight choreography for X-Men:Wolverine.


just so u know BIG BOSS (SCREEN NAME) scott adkins has 6 differen black belts in 6 different kinds of martial arts. so yeah he kinda is an aspiring martial artist. just cz hes an actor dont mean he doesnt know martial arts. maybe do some research. cuz it always suks to look like a jack ass when u say something wrong when u dont know what ur talking about. better luck next time.


just cuz you can use Wikipedia doens't mean you have too.
One more repping 09


Oh,the irony. Reading(and comprehension) is obviously not your thing. He's still an actor....I never discredited him being a martial artist(which he OBVIOUSLY is)....and I said "keep in mind that he's not an aspiring MIXED MARTIAL ARTIST."

Fucking 5'4" fool. Let me know when you're around....so I can be cautious and not have to worry about stepping on you like a roach.


Hey hey, lets not make fun of short guys now (/end napoleon complex)



LOL...Xen,you're average height....and plus you're on my good side.


Yea NOW I am lol, high school was ROUGH being 5'6... quit gymnastics and I grew 4 inches... there really has to be something to that shit.


Gotcha. Funny how that works with gymnasts.


I did not have "puberty" til after college wrestling go figure then I grew 3 or so inches and had to shave.


Here's the new trailer.


VERY COOL video indeed. This guy could very well be the new big screen badass. If this shit doesn't want you to kick your own ass and train harder in the gym..I don't know what will.