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Scott Abbett - Pioneer Bodybuilder?


You may have heard of him, he's a natural bodybuilder who also claims to be ex special forces. He has achieved his current body by kind of doing the opposite I've always thought you should do.

In this article he says that you can simultaneously gain muscle and lose fat. I thought it was impossible.


In this article scroll down to myth 3, he does not believe in PWO supplementation. In myth 5 he believes it's better to workout for longer than 1 hour.


Is his advice legitmiate ?


To me this looks to fall into the too good to be true category. If you buy the book, be sure to come back here and review it.


I left the page after the damned pop-up ad kept FOLLOWING ME DOWN THE PAGE!!

From what i saw, it looked like a "functional",ab-oriented thing that won't get much support here.


When I saw the caption "Big eating doesn't always result in bigger muscles." under a picture in his Myths article, I realized he was full of shit.


You know this one article defies almost every main point pro bodybuilders train by - minus the under 1 hour, training over an hour isn't going to stop gains.

So if you don't need to eat big, and don't need to do compounds. Why do all those other guys down the gym who do heaps of isolation and machine exercises still look the same a year+ later?


The way i see it is this. Scott Abel has yet to write an article that shocked me into believing that his methods are great.

Sure, he's a legitimate trainer, and has years upon years of experience, but in this industy that means nothing. Think of all the hollywood trainers that are considered "experts"


This guy isn't Scott Abel, he does happen to have a similar name though :smiley:

I'd be very skeptical of the claims of any ad right before you're propositioned to sell something...


He's just going against the grain to look like a maverick so he can hock his shit.

How much do you wanna bet that he doesn't even follow his own program or that he doesn't even look like his photo in real life?


WTF, he didn't gain an ounce of muscle between his before and afters, he just dieted down.
What does that have to do with radical new methods...

And he looks as if he never even considered pressing something over his head or working his traps...


yeah.... and looking at it again i can't believe how hard he is pushing his stomach out in the before pic. It is the only explanation as to why it looks like GH gut from a pro BBer.


I've determined that with pro bodybuilders it's generally a case of do what I do, not what I say.


scott abel is such a goon


But wait...ask yourself why the OP didn't notice this.


From the sounds of it he ate and trained with a bulk diet for many years.

He did PWO shakes, huge amounts of protien, and high cals.

Then he cut down. He spent years getting muscle mass from exactly what he advocates against.

Just because he eventually decided to cut and get a tan doesn't mean what hes saying is true, all his results are from a traditional approach, that he abandoned only after gaining the benefits from it.

And just for the record, hes in decent shape at best.


My bad, read this as Scott ABEL and posted something irrelevant.