Scot Mendelson

While we are on the subject of strength sports, has anyone ever seen a powerlifter by the name of Scot Mendelson. This guy has a six pack at a weight of 308 pounds! Who ever said powerlifters are smaller than pro bodybuilders? You guys got to interview this man, haha!

Scott I believe has an 876 bench-if that don’t get you an interview I don’t know what will.

I would be interested in readng such an interview…

Actually, I think he hit over 900 didn’t he??

I can’t remember now…He’s huge though…I have a video of him benching and he is mad impressive to watch…his bench shirt looks so ridiculously tight, its funny actually…

He has not hit over 900 yet. The only man to bench over 900lbs is Gene Rychlak and he actually beat his own WR this past weekend with a 975lbs bench press. His team mate Joe Mazza has benched 608 while competing in the 165 class which is absolutely ridiculous, but then again, so is the thought of a 1,000 pound bench press.

A few other lifters are closing in on 900 though.

Rychlak hit a 975 bench in competition?

1000 pounds isnt far off.

I feel weak.

scott mendelson has the world record raw bench press at 713 last time i checked. and 713 RAW is jaw dropping frickin amazing.

Mendelson is phenominal. There was an interview with him in PLUSA a few years ago. In the article it showed his wife (who is pretty skilled in kung fu) chopping him in the head to psych him up before a bench!