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Scoreboard for MMA?


I've never competed in MMA before, although I did wrestle in high school and I have trained muoy thai and jkd, for whatever that's worth ...

But here's my question. Wouldn't it be a good idea to have a scoreboard display how each judge scored each round? I'm basing this off of both the grand larceny that was the bisping-hamill fight as well as the bullcrap in the barerra-sanders fight on TUF. Shouldn't hamill have known going into the last round that he would need a KO to win?

I know when I was a sophmore and had to wrestle anotehr kid on my team for a starting spot, I was losing to him on points with less than a minute left. I said screw it, went for a cowboy, got it and pinned him. I took more risks than I would've otherwise if I hadnt known that I needed that.

And just to cut off one potential criticism that would just be a crock - yeah, it could leave the judges open to influencing, either from the crowd booing or from seeing the other judges' scores. Well, you can solve the second problem by putting the scoreboard somewhere the judges cant see it - directly overhead, for example. As for the second - officials in the nfl, the nba, mlb and numerous other sports deal with upset fans every day. MMA judges can suck it up


Meh. I'm not sure how that would change anything really. Unless you plan on having decisions reversed then the same sort of questionable decisions can happen.


It would make for very boring final rounds. If a guy knew he was up 2-0 or 3-1 going into that last round you'd get a replay of what we saw in the Sylvia-Monson fight where Big John literally had to beg them to fight.

Part of the suspense in the fights is the uncertainty of the scorecards. I know they've tried showing scores midway through some boxing matches and it hasn't been received all that well.


huh, really? thats interesting about the boxing matches. You dont think the guy behind would swing for the fences? I guess it's different in mma where losing via decision leaves you none the worse for wear but getting caught - KO'd or submitted - coudl severely injure you, but I would still think that you'd get a "wounded animal" response out of most of the fighters who were down


You'd think but for some reason, you rarely see it in MMA. There have been fights where everyone in the building knew one guy was losing by a wide margin (Couture-Ortiz; Franca-Sherk; Slyvia-Monson), and the guy trailing did little or nothing to push the action in the final round.

I think like you said, defeat must set in for these guys and they decide it's better to lose a decision and escape relatively healthy, than to get knocked out or submitted.


Well, the WBC comission has started releasing boxing scores every 3 rounds in championship fights to the fighters. Haven't followed up on how it is working. I am throughly undecided on this issue, but it is a good train of thought to explore.


As far as the 'wounded animal' response, a good corner will be able to tell their fighter that he is behind and needs to pick it up. You will see this in many fights, and the down fighter still won't put forth much more effort.

If your own boys are telling you that you are behind, you would think that would light a fire, but it often has no noticeable effect.


I don't know what effect it would have. In wrestling it is nice to have the score in front of you but the thing is wrestling is a much more structured sport in regards to awarding points.

MMA is not in my mind and I think this has the potential to interject a lot of emotion into the course of the fight that would not otherwise be there and don't think that would be good for anybody and a distraction for both the corners and the fighters.

As a side bar, I rewatched the Berrara fight and if you listen closely about 42/43 minutes into it at the end of the first round Hughes says, "You're not doing anything I say, sit down, that could have been his round, when I tell you to let him up, let him up."

Now, I know there are some issues of context and this was probably edited but the tone of his voice suggests concern.

Interesting that Hughes on as strong as he did at the end of the fight.


When you are getting your ass beat it is probably because you are outclassed or out of shape. Not much you can do but try to survive.


I'm not sure how beneficial it would be. As stated, fighters are updated by their corner how the fight is likely going and it's doubtful they are often wrong.
And this is going on the assumption that all mma is graded on the 10 point must system...which it isn't.

That's completely untrue.


Yeah. Fighters are generally beaten mentally, by their opponents or themselves when they lose. Often the only difference between two guys is that one guy wants to win and the other just wants to survive or escape.

That's one of the only reasons I was TUF. I like to see the (albeit edited) mental state of the fighters each night and then see how their performance pans out.


Maybe that's part of what I'm getting at too. I would jsut really, really genuinely like to know how the heck those judges scored for bisping over hamill. I realize that mma's not wrestling, and i think a lot of hte guys have brought up good points that even displaying scores at teh end of rounds wouldnt work, I doubt there's a way to a real-time score