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Score ( MTV)


Anyone seen this new show called SCORE on MTV hosted by Ryan, Ashlee Simpson's boyfriend?

After my friday night training, I vegged out watching these fun dating episodes. Basically, one person chooses from two beautiful people to go on a free trip but each contestant needs to do a live singing performance on stage in front of a huge crowd. They both get help with their lyrics and rhythm selection from a cool band and Ryan. The music seems rock/ pop oriented.

This is a great way for singers and songwriters to get an introduction, not to mention the experience. I enjoyed it thoroughly since I'm always on the lookout for unique types of music. Local bands have different flavors and SCORE's music reminds me of how a song is chosen to be performed.
Check this out if you haven't seen it yet. Ryan sings at the end.

(Ashlee Simpson's new song "boyfriend" is gonna be a hit IMO.)


Dude, you watched that after working out? Your test levels must've taken a huge crash.


'Dude', she's a female.


Ah yes, that makes sense.


Great back development, gojira. I like!


I can't stand mtv. vh1 either. or ashley simpson. or her boyfriend.

the only upside i can see is the singer/songwriter outlet, but even so, the american idol winners haven't been blowing up the charts, except kelly clarkson. damn shes hot.

my 2 cents.


Yeah, I enjoy performing for me so I like this show and disregard all the antics.

But the INXS search for another lead singer was superably done on television.