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Scoot's Training Log


I have worked out on and off for about the last 4 years. Always seem to hit it hard for awhile and then fade out. I'm making this log to help hold my self accountable and start getting the real results I want. My goals are to lean up considerably as I am 6'1" and weigh 231.5 lbs. as of this morning. Not sure what my body fat percentage is but it is no where near good. Any feed back, recommendations, or constructive criticism is welcomed !


Train 6 days a week Sunday-Legs, Mon-chest, Tues-biceps, Wed-Triceps, Thur-back, Fri-shoulders, Sat-off. Try to get cardio in at least 4 times a week, but want to try and shoot for 5.

Monday 1-3-11


Flyes 4x10x40

Flat Bench 12x195,10x205,8x215,6x225

Decline Bench 4x6x225

Incline Bench 4x10x150

DB Bench 4x10x65

I failed on the last 2 sets on flat bench with 7 and 4 reps. Incline and DB bench I did not perform as well as I wanted. I will stick with these weights on flat,incline, and db bench 1 more week and move up in incline 5-10 lbs.

Cardio 30 minutes on eliptical level 2

Report Post


Tuesday 1-4-11


Standing BB curl 80x12,85x10,90x8,95x6

Preacher curl 80x12,85x10,90x8,95x6

Seated alt. DB curl 30x20,35x18,40x16,45x14

Standing DB hammer curl 30x20,35x18,40x16,45x14

Concentration curl 4x10x20


Wed 1-5-11


Close grip BP 4x15x165

French press 4x15x70

Decline skull crushers 4x10x65

Ropes 4x10x60

Bench dips 4x20xBW

Really need to hit the cardio the next 4 days, cutting down carbs and calories has got me dragging a little


Thur 1-6-11


Pull ups 4x10xBW

One arm DB rows 4x10x90

Row machine parallel grip 4x10x150

Lat pull downs 4x10x130

Back extensions 4x12x35

Cardio 30 min 2.45 miles on elliptical

AB routine


Fri 1-7-11


Military press(horrible at this) 14x105,12x115,10x125,8x135

Arnold's 14x45,12x50,10x55,8x60

Side raises 4x10x20

Incline bench 2-hand front raises 4x10x50

30/30/30 2-10's

Always have lagged in the shoulders compared to everything else. Work out was good. I need to keep at it now on shoulder day to make some good improvement.

Cardio 30 min


Sat 1-8-11


Cardio 30 min elliptical


Sunday 1-9-11


Squats 200x4x10

Lunges 60x4x10

Standing calf raise 185x4x10

BB shrug 185x4x15-20

DB shrug 50x10,55x10,60x10,65x10,70x10,75x10,80x10,85x10 20 second rest between sets

A few knee surgeries and bad knees have me starting light and movimg slowly with leg workouts. I also haven't put a lot of effort into them for any extended amount of time so it's something I need to change this time around.