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Scooter Time!


Hi friends,

Im most probably moving to a small country town, and so I was considering purchasing a scooter to get around with, as everything will be local, and I wont be travelling much on major highways.

Was wondering if anyone has any tips/advice/ideas on purchasing a scooter?



I'm not kidding in any way when I say that since I moved to Asia there's nothing on this earth I hate more than scooters.

Fuck, I hated them before I moved to Asia but now I wouldn't piss on a scooter if it were on fire. Fuck them all.

Let me show you the videos of accidents with people on scooters. Every time a scooter rider gets hurt or dies nd angel gets its wings.



And those are just the ones from the first page on youtube.

Also, they pollute a lot for something that should only carry one person.


I like the noise the guy makes in the last one.

Is that Asian laughter or Asian shock?

I'm betting the former.


Ahahaha. Sorry Nards, but your deep seeded hatred for scooters seriously had me laughing.

Such a benign sounding thing to be pissed off about.


All I hear is the woman. She says stuff like "Oh lord" then "He was wrong" or something and then she's saying the street corner they're at.
But yeah, that's Asia for you...nobody moved to do anything, not that the guy deserves much...idiots go through pure blooded red lights all the time.


wow tell us how you really feel plz


Don't blame the scooter. Blame the driver.



I suppose in Asia they doen teach defensive driving. Im not planning to ride in busy lawless asian streets, just from home to work, to the gym and to soccer training. All about 7 minutes trip.

So why dont you like scooters? The noise? Traffic?
Surely they dont polute as much as a car. Fuel consumption is as low as 2.5L/Km.



I reckon you can get one that has a horn which goes 'tweet' too!

You know, to keep it real and stuff.


What's the hardest part of owning a scooter?


I dunno, what is the hardest part?


And you could glue blue feathers onto it.

Think how cute you would look; riding around everywhere going tweet tweet


Telling you mother that you are gay?


LOL! Question is though - could theBird handle such a beastly machine?!?!



Lol @ Stern.

Yer i think it would be awesome if my horn was a tweeet. I like the idea of having feathers on it.
I dont like the orange... I was thinking more of a darker colour like blue, black or a dark silver.

Does anyone know which brand of scooter I should be looking out for? I know to stick away from Chinese made ones.
I think Im going to get a 125cc powered scooter.



HAHAHAHAHA, that noise he made is hilarious when you point it out.


got it