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Scoop on Calcium??

I remember the article CS did on vitamin D, and it got me thinking, what’s the scoop on calcium?

Personally, I drink about half a gallon of milk a day, and eat some other dairy products (cheese, yogurt, etc) and I also take a multivitamin, which has 225 mg (25% of daily need).

What should be the minimum daily requirement, and how much is too much? Any other information relating to hypertrophy would be great.

Bump, anyone have studies? I can search the internet but am pretty lazy (cough) I mean busy at work. So I would prefer someone else do all the legwork for me.


WTF? NO ONE has ANY input?

Well. After some searching, turns out that the RDA of calcium for most is about 1000-1500 mgs/day. But i’d take that information with a grain of salt, because the RDA for Vitamin D is supposed to be 400UI.

So unless you talk to one of the coaches here that specialize on sports supplements i don’t think your going to get a good answer of what an athlete/bodybuilder should be taking in a day.

I’d like to hear some info on this too because I remember reading a post by CT in which he said that males should never supplement with calcium. I asked him what the reason was but he never replied. I wasn’t gonna repost to him either because we all know that’s a major “no no” for him lol.