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Scooby's Workshop (Trainer)


What are you opinions on this man and what he teaches?

like or dislike?^^


He looks OK, but like he had chemical help. Also, no one would really want to hear this guy’s voice for a long time. He has some sort of lisp or whatever that makes it unpleasant.


He’s the first source I got into when I started (not all that long ago)

Seems like a lot of good information ( he has put a lot of effort into ways to work out at home/without much equipment) but a few things I dislike. He has no passion. His expectations for results are pitifully low and just inaccurate (5 lb a year!), at least for a beginner. Diet info is hardly ideal for muscle gain (that all that you need is the protein, and you will gain optimally regardless of other calories).

Obviously it does look like he practices what he preaches, and is in very good shape. But to be honest he was 190 lbs before ever picking up a weight (over 20 years ago) - he didn’t really make that big of a transformation. His methods are ok for bodybuilding purposes and general fitness but not at all optimal for the former.

edit: this was a comment on his youtube video, shows exactly why people really shouldn’t be listening to him.
12 hours ago
@IbombYourAss I have the same body type. About 7 months ago I was 6"1 and 140 lbs. Now I’m 145 lbs with no extra fat (I know thats still not by any means big, but it’s a start). Just keep at it and eventually you’ll put on muscle. And it sucks but some people like you and I just aren’t genetically wired to put on tons of muscle.


Idk why, but he gives off the super pedo vibe to me. I hate his voice and facial expressions. I would manke fun of him if we ever met…also rob him.

I wear fishing hats *ala LL Cool Jay) but his hat is annoying.


My first “source,” and by that I mean he gave me the idea of close-grip chins with one of those V attachments.

Quickly outgrew, though.


I watched the entire video so he’s entertaining on some level. He’s definitely a little weird but cracked me up a few times…


Whenever there’s a thread about him I can’t help but read every post in his voice


I know, I’m a bad person for bumping this - but I had to. It’s so fucking funny. I can’t stop watching the OP’s vid.

I was referring bb rows to someone from work and told him to look up the exercise in YT. He came back with the funny fisher hat wearing Scooby and I just had to search the forums for this genius (actually, the search string “barbell rows” yields Scooby’s vid as first hit).

His voice and intonation are pure win.


Complete malarkey!


[quote]Blackaggar wrote:
What are you opinions on this man and what he teaches?

like or dislike?^^

Erm…how about LOVE!?

Looks like someone stitched a hobos head on a bodybuilder… calling Dr.Frankenstein!


One of the comments on youtube complained about his voice. His response was “if my voice annoys you, you can read the same information on my site. I’m sorry but I can’t change my voice.” Or something along those lines. That made me respect him.




I don’t like him because of this video:



skip to 4:18 on this one

banjo music ftw


[quote]schultzie wrote:
Whenever there’s a thread about him I can’t help but read every post in his voice[/quote]

Damn it now I’m doing it too…