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Scooby & Squats


came up on my recommended viewing list on youtube

off to do some leg press, leg curls and then hit the bball court...... lol


What's with the nipples? Looks like he has been breast feeding.


Scooby reminds me of a grown up version of this kid: http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/81311449/

I'd prefer he didn't talk so much. Annoying voice.


STFU Andy Samburg


this guy is annoying

is it just me or is his chest really disproportionate to the rest of his muscles


I bet he has no friends.

Nope, not with a voice like that.


I have some friends who follow him as gospel. Not sure what's more annoying, them or Mark Rippetoe nuthuggers


"Our spines are not designed to handle this vertical compression"

Oh yes, I think I read that humans used to move objects by sitting on the ground and pushing them forward with their legs.

The unfortunate consequence of this video is that people who just don't want to squat because its hard are now justifying themselves by assuming right off the bat that their spine is weak and worthless.


This guy has followers????


His "Situation" traps annoy me more than anybody will ever know.


over 180,000 followers on his youtube channel alone!


hes really the only big guy that talks that in depth about his workouts while never wearing a shirt. hes bound to attract followers




He has the biggest case of ILS i've seen in a while.




He said poppycock...

I really dont like this guy.

10.2% of the population has spine problems because they squat? Totally...


Yes, and their children should not squat because of that.


Lol to add to that 118,435,840 views. If you do the math on youtube payouts ( Views divided by 1000 X $2-5$) this guy has been paid about $240,000 for handing out this information and this post just gave him a few more views.


He found wearing a shirt to be unnecessary, but the hat was a must.



Someone should get him to post on here

a scooby q and a would be very exciting