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Scond Source for T-cypionate Online


I've just been turned over control of my test-cypionate injections; but whether due to insurance or other factors, they will only let me get one bottle which is only good for two and a half months. I'm convinced it's another way to fleece the insurance companies and end users out of more co-pays and fees rather than being able to buy in bulk and save some money.

Anyway, back when I first gave viagra a try, before I got a prescription from my doc, I found alldaychemist.com that was recommended for good products at great prices and no hassle sales. Unfortunately, they don't do testosterone.

I'm not looking for a black market hook up...just a web recommendation from someplace I can trust and has good prices. If you'd rather not reply openly, feel free to PM me...and sorry if this is bad netiquette, but google was not my friend when I tried searching as I got bombarded with results and I've read enough posts on forums like this to be wary of just any old roid peddler online.



If your doc gave you the script, can you just call and ask him to allow X # of refills? That way you go to Costco or Walgreens, get it at a good price, its legit, legal, and no worries. You shouldnt have to pay all the fees you are talking about if your doctor prescribed it, all he needs to do is allow refills and you are fine.

Otherwise, Im not so sure this kind of post is going to last long..imagine they will zing it once they see it...


Thanks for replying. I do get refills one bottle at a time that I have to pay additional copays for each time. I know at former employers their med plans allowed for those like myself with lifetime med issues to order several months worth for one low co payment. I just feel like they treat me as untrustworthy as it took two years of going in for injections before they allowed me to do my own.