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Scoliosis question

Lowdown: I recently had xrays and found out my right pelvis is 13mm lower than my left(thus why I always felt I had bad form when I ran). My spine curves(not severly) to my left and rotates slightly about t4,t5 area, then rotates back.This came about when my C5, C6 vertabrae tweaked, causing much pain in my left tricep, forearm, shoulder. Just now almost gone(have gone to a chiropractor for awhile). looking at me, you could never tell I had scoliosis.
I believe I have had this condition in some form for many years(can attribute many little problems to it). I have been training for about 12 years(5’8" 201 pounds, 9-10% bf)
Question: Will weight bearing exercises that load my spine(i.e. squats) be bad news( I assume so, but they’re squats, I dont want to throw em out)? How about deadlifts? Any suggestions on choosing exercises(I am nixing any heavy(or even moderate) shoulder press, always has made my low back hurt, stand or sit and now scoliosis)
Hopefully, someone knowledgeable(or in same boat) on this topic, will respond.
Thanks to anyone who takes the time to respond,

I have more severe scoliosis than you, and squats and deadlifts have never really bothered me. Lamar Gant, pound-for-pound the best deadlifter ever had severe scoliosis.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Talk to your chiropractor, or have him refer you to another one that works with athletes, about exercise selection.